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Cod is Iceland’s single most valuable species, accounting for 49% of 2020’s seafood export value

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2021-11-09T13:35:00+00:00By Jason Holland

Iceland is well positioned to offer the United Kingdom a lot more than just its favourite whitefish

  • Warming seas threaten Pacific economies

    Warming seas threaten Pacific economies


    Climate change is driving tuna further to the east, threatening the economic security of several small island nations.

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    NAFF growing bigger and better


    The fair will be held in the largest hall in Tórshavn, and indeed the Faroes, enabling all exhibitors to be under the same 5,000m2 roof. According to the organisers, the new venue offers much better conditions, as the event is now held in halls instead of tents.

  • Pandemic turns people onto pelagic fish

    Pandemic turns people onto pelagic fish


    Markets have upped their herring and mackerel consumption during the coronavirus crisis, reports Jason Holland. But does the revival have staying power?