New Horizons

What’s new on the other side of the world? In a colourful and constantly changing industry, there are always ingenious developments taking place – often in places you’d least expect.

  • Lab

    Genetics – the new frontier

    2022-06-08T13:33:00+01:00By Bonnie Waycott

    Genetics in aquaculture and fisheries is offering new approaches to tackling key challenges 

  • Marshall

    Maine’s aqua roadmap

    2022-06-01T09:47:00+01:00By Bonnie Waycott

    New 10-year plan for aquaculture shows how the industry will continue to support livelihoods and bolster the state’s blue economy

  • Umitron

    Serving up AI-raised fish

    2022-04-20T13:29:00+01:00By Bonnie Waycott

    Japanese sushi chain Kura Sushi is installing smart fish feeders at its consignment sites for the sustainable farming of red seabream