Vessels & Shipyards

Ship and boat building are the backbone of every aspect of the seafood sector around the world. Fishing vessels are among the most complex seagoing vessels – and the designers and shipbuilders behind them have to be able to meet some highly specialised requirements.

Vessels and Shipyards


New shrimp trawler delivery in time for Argentina’s 2022 season


Built in Spain, the CAD 15 million Destiny will be one of the most modern fishing vessels in the Argentine shrimp industry

  • Skjermbilde

    Rostein orders new live fish carrier


    A contract for a new carrier has been placed by Norwegian live fish transport and services company Rostein AS.

  • The second new Pacific Mariculture aquaculture support vessel will have a 1mW powerpack. Illustr: Oceantech

    Pacific Mariculture opts for hybrid design


    A second aquaculture support vessel to be built for Pacific Mariculture, a division of Pacific6 Enterprises, will be hybrid powered, with a 1mW stored energy capacity on board, enabling it to run its daily farm operations in electric mode.

  • RFC’s new factory trawler Kapitan Vdovichenko leaving the Admiralty Shipyard for its first sea trials. Photo: USC

    RFC’s new trawler starts sea trials


    The first of a series of new trawlers built at the Admiralty Shipyard in St Petersburg for the Russian Fishery Company is undergoing sea trials in the Baltic.