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    Interview on the First World Summit on Fisheries Sustainability


    David Agnew, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College of LondonWhat is the reason for holding a conference focused on sustainability?Everyone – the fishing industry, environmental organisations, governments – is now concerned about the sustainability of fish stocks. Since the early 1990s there has been very little growth in the world ...

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    CFP reform – how’s about a new boat?


    Nathalie Charbonneau, spokeswoman for Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg, has spent her career in the Commission (EC). There are lots of complaints about the CFP she says, but the reform process, which went public with a Green Paper in April(1), is a chance for direct input from fishermen to change things.Any ...

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    Optimistic about the future


    Iceland's Minister of Fisheries, Einar K GuðfinnssonWorld Fishing: What are the main strengths of the Icelandic fisheries industry today?Einar K Guðfinnsson: There are a number of things that one can mention. Of course, we have a very able management team, a very well-trained and experienced workforce and we have a ...

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    Icelandic fisheries still going strong


    Marianne Rasmussen-CoullingWorld Fishing: What are the main changes this year to other editions of the show?Marianne Rasmussen-Coulling: Following the 2005 event it became apparent that a large number of exhibitors wanted the exhibition to run over three days. Also, by moving the event to October the hotels would be charging ...

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    Three men in a boat


    Left to right: Jaime Silva (Portugal), Horst Seehofer (Germany) and Iztok Jarc (Slovenia). TW : EEC PhotosThere are now 27 EU ministers with responsibility for Agriculture and Fish and Rural Development (AFRD). Germany’s Horst Seehofer took over the Presidency of the Council in January for the usual six months. ...

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    Becoming a player in European fisheries


    Eskil Erlandsson, Swedish Minister for Agriculture, Food and FisheriesWorld Fishing: What are your most important projects and issues in your new role?Eskil Erlandsson: When it comes to fisheries in the European context I would like to be more influential than the previous government, and be more of a 'player'. It ...

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    Spanish sector at the forefront of responsible fishing


    Spanish Fisheries Minister, Elena Espinosa (Picture courtesy of MAFA)World Fishing: How do you describe the situation of the Spanish fishing sector?Elena Espinosa: First of all, I would like to highlight that Spain is still a big fishing country. It still has an important fishing tradition and it is still a ...

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    Striking a balance


    World Fishing: What are your most important current projects and issues?Dr Simon Cripps: WWF's Global Marine Programme endeavours to protect marine life and the oceans, and the livelihoods of those that depend on them. In partnership with users of the marine environment, e.g. shipping companies and the fishing sector, WWF ...

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    The Chief Inspector sniffs out the flesh


    Christopher Leftwich as Fishmongers' Hall on the ThamesA billionaire American tourist, mesmerised by the green lawns around the ‘Bloody’ Tower of London, asks the groundsman how he could get the same quality at his Texas ranch. “Simple really, sir: clear and level the ground, lay the seed and water it.” ...

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    Reversing long term decline


    Growing consumer awareness, the association believes, will reduce the market for illegally caught tuna which is supplied mostly by foreign vessels. Discouraging consumption of illegally landed tuna, in turn, will raise demand for legally caught fisheries products landed by Japan’s fishing fleet.JFA’s initiative to target consumers to combat competition from ...

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    Guarding the lights – fighting the black


    Failing to notice that Norway changed its Minister of Fisheries last autumn, you would have to be colour-blind. The former Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, conservative Svein Ludvigsen (59) often dressed in dark grey before entering the scene to speak about liberalisation of the seafood industry. Structuring the coastal ...

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    Iceland upholds a healthy economy


    The importance of fisheries and of the politics of fisheries in Iceland makes the breeding of skilled ministers of fisheries a necessity. Einar Kristinn Guðfinnsson (51) is one of the most obvious choices. Growing up in the West Fjords of the island, he was soon involved in the local fish ...

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    “I must go down to the sea again..”


    Diversification of fishing ports into a range of marine-linked businesses has been a regular theme in World Fishing’s reporting over the last five years. But it is only when you meet a firebrand such as Mike Leece that you realise that converting port sheds or trying to promote new landside ...

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    Mauritania and the EU fail to agree


    First five-year treatyThe first five year treaty with the EU was concluded in 1996 when the then government of ousted president Maaouiya Ould Taya sought to replace the diminishing and ageing visiting fleet of the former Soviet Union and its allies with the presence of modern EU vessels.Under its umbrella ...

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    From bare hands to global embrace


    Today the seafood company, led by president and chief executive Yngve Myhre, is only part of Røkke’s industrial empire. Within that, Aker Seafoods remains one of Europe’s biggest fishing companies, with 1,350 employees and a capital base giving it the muscle to grow.Almost a year after Aker Seafoods ASA was ...

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    Partners in seafood quality not crime


    The VMD's random tests include local and imported fish for residues of regulated or banned products and antibiotics. Where levels are breached, VMD reports to the country of origin for action, and to Brussels which passes on the information to all EU countries' inspectorates. Non-EU countries have to provide “equivalent ...

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    How the mighty fallen are rising


    The declineI met Lech Kempczyski in his office in the massive stone building of the ministry. This is a man who knows the fishing world -- the Baltic, the Scottish lochs, the fish and fish-farming industry and he is a member of the commission forthe conservation of Antarctic marine living ...

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    $25 billion a year? Who gets it?


    Those opposing subsidies argue that they distort trade by creating fishery overproduction which is then exported, so affecting fish prices and the fishing industry in other countries.Korean interestThe retention of fishing subsidies is of particular concern to South Korea, Japan and Taiwan; all of which have large domestic and distant-water ...

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    Føroyar - explosively small!


    Fisheries minister Björn KalsöWhat is troubling the Faeroese is not the stock (Björn says it is mostly all right apart from cod which he says has declined a little over the past three years) but the issue of sharing them. There is no agreement on blue whiting and herring and ...

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    Borrowing from the bank


    The ADB recently awarded Indonesia a grant of US$880,000 towards the consultancy costs of a $1.18 million technical assistance study to help the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries prepare a national long-term marine fisheries development strategy. Due for completion by the end of this year, the study will help ...