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  • Seaweed Farming

    Shifting aquaculture’s currency to green


    RAS is big business, but what can IMTA bring to European fish farming? 

  • Jason Holland brings a wealth of seafood industry experience with him as he takes over as World Fishing’s editor

    New skipper in the WF wheelhouse


    It’s been an interesting five years in the editor’s chair at World Fishing, but it’s time to move aside for someone new to take over.

  • Russia has one of the highest per capita levels of back caviar consumption. Photo: Roskachestvo

    Russia on track to becoming a black caviar superpower


    Russia is set to increase black caviar export fivefold by 2024, aiming to compete with Chinese suppliers on the European and the US markets, as well as on home ground.

  • Cod is Iceland’s single most valuable species, accounting for 49% of 2020’s seafood export value

    Source of inspiration


    Iceland is well positioned to offer the United Kingdom a lot more than just its favourite whitefish

  • Babord Group is about to make Arctic char better known and more widely available

    Arctic char – niche species ready to go mainstream


    There are ambitious plans to bring what is currently a niche farmed species to greater prominence as Arctic char production is about to be stepped up by Norwegian Fish Farms working with seafood producer Babord Group.

  • “We have signed the Paris Agreement, but the current consumption trend is going in exactly the opposite direction,” said Erik Ianssen, general manager of Selfa Arctic AS

    If you can’t stand the heat…


    When it comes to the climate change crisis, there’s a lot more to come from seafood.

  • Kazakhstan sets ambitious aquaculture goals

    Kazakhstan sets ambitious aquaculture goals


    The Kazakh government has adopted a bold aquaculture development programme, aiming to boost domestic fish production from the current annual figure of 7,000 tonnes to some 270,000 tonnes by 2030

  • Russian fish farmers source equipment at home

    Russian fish farmers source equipment at home


    Russia’s heavy dependence on imported fish farming equipment is likely to change, as the Covid-19 pandemic has spurred the ruble’’s depreciation and consequently made any imported products less affordable

  • Shaking up the virtual aisles

    Shaking up the virtual aisles


    Online sales of seafood have soared during the coronavirus lockdown and experts believe the long-term future looks good

  • Turbulent times for Russian seafood

    Turbulent times for Russian seafood


    China’s import ban could leave millions of tonnes of Russian fish unsold and result in thousands of job losses, as it seems that Russia is running out of options to avoid the worst case scenario becoming a reality

  • Surf n’ turf: closing the global food gap

    Surf n’ turf: closing the global food gap


    Farming animals in the water and on land has an essential role to play in solving our most fundamental challenge

  • Aiming for aquafeed self-sufficiency

    Aiming for aquafeed self-sufficiency


    Russia is set to ramp up aquafeed production nearly tenfold to 525,000 tonnes by 2030 to make fish farmers less dependent on imports

  • Genetics key to TiLV resistance

    Genetics key to TiLV resistance


    A new study has found that resistance to Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV) appears to be due to differences in genes between families of the same fish.

  • Where next for salmon farming?

    Where next for salmon farming?


    While as a consumer product, Atlantic salmon has transcended the seafood category, producers now need to adopt new harvest technologies to maintain growth

  • Raising the swell

    Raising the swell


    EU aquaculture production is at record levels, but the sector still has plenty of ground to cover before it comes close to meeting the demands of the market

  • Russian Aquaculture, back on track

    Russian Aquaculture, back on track


    Russian fish farming company Russian Aquaculture is back on its feet after a series of devastating salmon louse outbreaks nearly wrecked its salmon business in 2015

  • Pioneering Tech to Improve Artemia Production

    Pioneering tech to improve Artemia production


    INVE Aquaculture’s latest technologies aim to further improve the production of Artemia cysts and maintain product quality

  • Sulphide Levels: Better Monitoring

    Sulphide levels: Better monitoring


    An environmental monitoring tool that measures sulphide levels in sediment is expected to show great promise on Scottish fish farms

  • Salmon Aquaculture: cleaning up the sea lice

    Salmon aquaculture: Cleaning up the sea lice


    With sea lice still a significant problem for salmon farmers, aquaculture equipment supplier JT Electric’s integrated lumpfish feed system could offer an answer

  • New delousing barges a step forward for aquaculture

    New delousing barges a step forward


    The growing aquaculture sector is facing a range of environmental and operational challenges. In order to ensure an efficient and sustainable industry, on-the-water solutions for fish farms are now drawing increasing attention