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  • Classification merger for aquaculture sector

    International classification society DNV GL is expanding its presence in the aquaculture industry following its acquisition of Norwegian classification body, Noomas Sertifisering (NOOMAS). 01 Sep 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Researchers suggest deep-sea trawling ban

    Deep-sea fisheries could benefit from a limit on deep-sea trawling in European waters to a depth of 600m – a ban suggested by researchers at the University of Glasgow and Marine Scotland Science. 28 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Lengthened vessel returns home

    Pelagic vessel ‘Adenia’ (LK 193) has returned home to Whalsay, UK, after being lengthened to improve stability and enhance the quality of fish landed. 27 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Deep Trekker unveils aquaculture drone

    Canadian-based Deep Trekker has introduced a new underwater drone to help fish farmers and aquaculture specialists cut costs and improve operational efficiency and yields. 27 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Big plans for Oman’s fisheries sector

    The Sultanate of Oman is trying to diversify its economy beyond oil and, as part of that initiative, is working to overhaul its fisheries sector. 27 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Seabird sprayer approved

    A new seabird mitigation device called a sprayer has been approved by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), following results showing that it reduces seabird interactions with trawlers by 90%. 27 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Orange roughy recovery a success

    The South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association (SETFIA) has described the rebuilding of Tasmania's stocks of orange roughy and the re-opening of fishing for this species in 2015 as a major fisheries management achievement. 27 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Shrimp resistant to white spot syndrome virus

    Black tiger shrimp that is resistant to the white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) has finally been cultivated. 27 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • South American companies to be MSC audited

    Four Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody (CoC) audits will soon be carried out in South America 27 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • First vessels certified under new RFS

    The first three vessels have successfully been certified under the new Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS), led by the UK’s Seafish. 27 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Investment package for Lithuania

    The European Commission has adopted a key investment package for the Lithuanian fisheries and aquaculture sectors. 26 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Cap Bourbon and Sapmer sign charter agreement

    Toothfish companies Cap Bourbon and Sapmer have signed a bareboat charter agreement for the longliner ‘Cap Horn 1’ for two years with a purchase option. 26 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • New cosmetic line made from phytoplankton

    Florida aquaculture company, Algoid Technologies, has launched its new line of organic cosmetics made from marine and freshwater phytoplankton. 26 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Project to optimise feed efficiency

    Scientists and industry are joining forces in a new project to improve feed for commercial fish farming in order to improve protein digestibility. 26 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • GLOBALG.A.P. launches sustainability module for feed mills

    GLOBALG.A.P. has announced that a new voluntary GLOBALG.A.P. Add-on has been published. 26 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Marine Harvest signs new IT contract

    Marine Harvest has signed a $12 million, five-year contract with Orange Business Services to deliver and manage its global IT infrastructure to strengthen collaboration and improve production across the company’s operations. 26 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • EU Commission commits fisheries funding

    The European Commission has committed investment packages for the maritime, fisheries and aquaculture sectors of Denmark, Estonia, Germany and Sweden, to help promote sustainable growth. 26 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • New fishery port for Uruguay

    A new $93m port terminal is to be built in Capurro, Montevideo, in Uruguay, which will include an exclusive area for the transfer of fishery products to major international markets. 26 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Mislabelled shrimp case ends in conviction

    A North Carolina seafood processor and wholesale distributor faces a felony conviction, a $100,000 fine, forfeiture of more than 20,000 pounds of shrimp and three years’ probation after Federal prosecutors exposed the company’s shrimp mislabelling scheme. 25 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Students design seal bycatch solutions

    Students from the University of Tasmania's Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) have been recognised for their innovative designs for devices to reduce the incidental capture of seals during trawl fishing. 25 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Further clarity required on Echebastar certification

    The independent adjudicator presiding over the objection process for the Echebastar Indian Ocean purse seine tuna fishery assessment has asked assessment body, Acoura, to review its determination to certify the fishery to the MSC Fisheries Standard. 25 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Ocean Cleanup completes plastic sampling

    Netherlands-based Ocean Cleanup has completed a month-long plastic sampling expedition, carried out in preparation for the large-scale cleanup of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 2020. 25 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture