KROMA A/S is a Danish supplier of high-quality gutting machines, filleting machines and vacuum systems with over 45 years of experience in offering innovative fish processing equipment and solutions.

Kroma specializes in optimizing the work processes of the fish processing industry worldwide and creating better conditions for rational operations offering customers quality, efficiency, unique design, and excellent service.

The product range covers everything from intelligent automatic gutting and fish filleting machines as well as equipment for processing waste removal to various peripheral equipment.

Kroma's machines are designed to process a wide range of fish species from trout, salmon, mackerel, seabream, seabass, tilapia, carp, and many more with the possibility of testing a new species as well.

At Kroma we believe in long-term customer-supplier relationship and therefore we want to consider ourselves the customer’s right-hand in contributing to profitable and stable production. Therefore, we do not only advise in purchase cost and operations but also to the same extent in the maintenance of the equipment offering customers service inspections of the equipment, delivery of spare parts, and constant support and hotline service.

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