3D Sonar Visualizer Model F3D-S

3D Sonar Visualizer™ F3D-S is our new 3D display technology that can be integrated into our full-circle color scanning Sonars FSV-25/FSV-25S. This revolutionary tool can display fish and objects detected by the sonar in 3 dimensions. This is not a new sonar that requires the installation of new equipment, but an additional feature that analyses the data and processes it so that all echoes are shown in 3D such as fish, rocks, underwater features, peaks, etc. in a very intuitive and easy to understand three-dimensional view. In addition, it is possible to remove echoes from the seabed to leave only the echoes you want to keep an eye on, such as fish.


With the 3D representation, you will be able to visualize and understand in no time the size, shape and movement of the schools of fish in relation to your vessel in order to evaluate the best way to catch them.

It is a tool that will prove indispensable for all professional fishermen.

Intuitive Interface
Get easy access to all the useful functions that will facilitate your fishing activities.

Among them, 4 functions that you will not be able to forget:


3D-View mode
The 3D-View mode allows you to view the surroundings from all angles. It is the ideal tool to have for an accurate 3D representation of the area.

Top-View mode
The Top-View mode displays all echoes in a single horizontal plane around your ship. This mode allows you to accurately assess the horizontal distance to a fish school and know its direction with precision.

Side-View mode
The Side-View mode displays all echoes in a single vertical plane as seen from the stern of the ship. When the “Rotate Top-View/Side-View” mode is activated, this vertical section image is linked to the viewpoint of the 3D-View mode. This mode is used to measure the depth of a school of fish.

Vslice-View mode
The Vslice-View mode shows the echoes in a vertical plane and in a specific orientation, same as the vertical echoes of FSV-25/25S. It can display vertical planes in two different directions. The Vslice-View mode is very useful for viewing the echo in a vertical plane at a specific direction. In addition, it makes it possible to compare the depth of two targets located in two different directions.


Several features

3D Sonars superiority over 2D Sonars

・Fish schools of surface to middle layer can be observed at the same time.

Clear to see the exact distribution of fish schools at a glance

Easy to deduce the optimum tilt angle for the horizontal mode

Simple and reliable monitoring of any object underwater

Movement of fish schools can be viewed instantly.

3D Sonar Visualizer™ allows fishermen to

- Prevent by-catch

- Anticipate fish escape

・All-around 3D visualization of fish schools and gear.

・Store and replay both screen images and equipment settings.

・4 Display Views: 3D, Top View, Side View and Vertical Slice.

・InstantAccess bar™ for direct access to menus.

・Easy and immediate entry of common marks: Echo Area, Event, Purse Net, Trawl, etc.


Designed to upgrade your 2D Sonar model FSV-25 / FSV-25S


This product is compatible with FULL-CIRCLE COLOR SCANNING SONAR FSV-25/25S. For more information about our FSV-25/25S, please click the link below.