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Across the maritime industry, companies are finding innovative ways to optimize their operations and improve the seafarer experience.

With Intelsat FlexMaritime, a global, multi-layered high-throughput satellite solution, ship operators and crew can incorporate advanced, high-bandwidth applications into their operations at sea to stay connected no matter where or when.


Whether enabling operational efficiency, productivity improvements or boosting crew morale with better personal communications, FlexMaritime provides high-speed, reliable connectivity that keeps ships connected—no matter where or when.
Explore how FlexMaritime can help you meet the demands of connectivity at sea:


  • Provide fleets with 24-hour location tracking, remote monitoring, and diagnostics of ship performance
  • Improve voyage planning and optimize fuel consumption 
  • Comply with expanding regulatory requirements 
  • Utilize high-speed connectivity for data transmission and application usages 

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