Macduff Ship Design Specialise in creating a vessel to your bespoke requirements. Over 200 vessels are in operation around the world to our unique designs.

Since its inception in 1993, Macduff Ship Design Ltd has risen and expanded steadily to become one of the most prolific naval architects and marine surveyors in the commercial and fishing vessel sectors. Its 6m to 50m designs are seen across the world in numerous forms; fishing vessels, aquaculture support vessels, workboats, tugs, ferries, pilot boats, patrol boats, dredgers, research vessels and multipurpose vessels.
Macduff Ship Design is a company that specialises in providing bespoke, carefully tailored designs. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce a design for any client requirement, whatever the complexity. Our reputation is that of designers of some of the most modern, efficient and robust vessels in the market, working closely with owners and shipyards to produce new vessel designs. Testaments to this are the more than 200 vessels currently in operation to Macduff Designs in all corners of the world.