With approximately 179 million tons of fish caught globally each year, the fishing industry is one of the largest, most regulated commercial sectors.

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It is also among the top price-sensitive markets to operate in. That’s why fishing companies worldwide are investing in advanced applications and digital tools to keep them connected to onshore activities.

Fisheries are increasingly dependent on applications that require reliable, high-speed internet access to track onshore deliveries in real-time, conduct remote diagnostics, assess the latest weather data to calculate the best route, optimize fuel consumption, and improve product traceability.

Whether you need connectivity to enable crew safety and welfare, vessel monitoring, or continuous catch reporting for regulatory requirements, fishing operations need always-available bandwidth that can enable them to act on insights and realize efficiencies. Without reliable connectivity, fisheries can experience:

The Intelsat FlexMaritime Solution
FlexMaritime was engineered to advance fishing operations worldwide. With a global network of high-throughput satellites (HTS), FlexMaritime removes the complexity of dealing with bandwidth availability, even in congested fishing waters. Additional layers of wide-beam capacity satellites further reinforce the HTS coverage for increased resiliency. Its award-winning, high-performance design provides consistent, “always available” service anywhere in the world and at sea.

Operational Efficiencies

Remote diagnostics
eNavigation updates
Fuel consumption optimization
Weather updates

Regulatory Compliance

Real-time catch reporting
High-quality video surveillance
Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

Crew Communications

Web browsing, email and messaging
Large file transmission
Two-way video
High-quality voice calling

FlexMaritime Solution Spotlight
FlexMaritime delivers high-speed, reliable connectivity that powers business at sea.
Here’s how…
Redundant, high-throughput connectivity with enterprise-grade network availability

FlexMaritime has the largest portfolio of antenna classes to meet unique performance, size, weight and installation requirements

Ideal for small fishing boats, the 37cm, 45cm+ and 60cm+ compact antennas are easy to install
Data Speeds:

•  37cm and 45cm+: Up to 6x2 Mbps
•  60cm+: Up to 10x3 Mbps

•  Cost-effective, lightweight VSAT antenna
•  10x faster than L-band maritime connectivity solutions
•  Part of the Intelsat FlexMaritime terminal portfolio which includes 30+ qualified antennas of various sizes, also including 1m+ terminals capable of reaching speeds up to 20x3 Mbps
•  Multi-layered coverage provided by 180+ beams, optimized for HTS with wide-beams for reinforced resiliency.

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Offered through our carefully selected solutions partners, FlexMaritime can be seamlessly integrated with their innovative value-added services and world-class support to create the perfect solution for their customers.

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