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    WFE Foreword


    It has been quite a challenge organising the event this time around from a promotional and administrative point of view in the light of the present socio/economical situation. However, conscious of the need for companies to be able to attend events of this magnitude in order to keep trading, we ...

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    Port of Vigo update


    The Port Authority of Vigo says that this increase in volume shows how attractive the markets of the Port are to international companies selling their products.However, the Port Authority warns that although the global numbers are positive, when speaking about the fishing commercialised at the Port, the difficult financial situation ...

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    Time to clean out


    Fisherman and chef proud for customers to see this Adriatic rainbow offering at the end of a good cold chain. Credit: TW:EEC photosEvery so often it may be worth taking a deeper look at how your operation runs and how it is protected from risk. The old adage of ‘wash ...

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    A new El Niño looming – but how strong?


    Worrying news - US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists have now confirmed that their satellite data indicates development in the central Pacific Ocean of a new El Niño of not yet known strength and duration, reports Menakhem Ben-Yami. New technology enables forecasting El Niño months in advance, although ...

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    EU Green Paper part 2


    Last month, this column dealt with only a few of the subjects brought up by the EU’s 2009 Green Paper (GP). Here are some more:

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    Tuna meeting failed to freeze fleet capacity


    Positive results include steps to accelerate the alignment of the regulation of these fisheries throughout the world on those standards which constitute current best practice. However, the Commission said that it regrets the fact that the representatives of contracting parties to the five tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs) concerned ...

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    Micronauts and the ‘science of appliance’


    High-speed, exploding ultrasound bubble scenario from Dr Andy Cobley, Head of Materials at the Coventry University Sonochemistry Centre. ©TW : EEC PhotosMaking sound wavesAmong those laying out their wares at the 2009 Summer Science Exhibition in London were ultrasound specialists Dr Andy Cobley and Dr Larysa Paniwnyk from the Sonochemistry ...

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    EU Green Paper


    According to its authors, the recent EU Green Paper (GP), together with contributions from stakeholder organisations, the research community, Member State governments, civil society and third countries, should form the basis of a public debate on the future Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

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    Good vibrations?


    A recent investigation report by the MAIB (“CELTIC PIONEER”) has highlighted an increasing number of accidents involving RIB’s and also suggested that a number of RIB and/or workboat owner/operators may not be complying with the recent “Vibration Regulations” (The Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Control of Vibration at Work) Regulations ...

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    Governing the oceans


    More than 700 fishing vessels have their base in VigoFrom 16-19 September 2009, the world's fishing and aquaculture industry will gather at the IFEVI Exhibition Centre in Cotogrande, Vigo, Spain for the main exhibition and various conferences and meetings aimed at being a forum for debate.Andrew Webster, President of World ...

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    Tactics and the new European Parliament


    Satu Hassi ,Vice Chair EP Environment Public Health and Food Safety Committee. Credit: TW:EEC PhotosThe core issue is how the EP reflects the interests of fishing community worldwide when it deals with the EU Commission (EC) and Council of Ministers (CoM) in reform of the Common Fisheries Policy.Over three months ...

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    Artificial reefs can save the world’s oceans


    Lowering an artificial reef into the seaActivities by petroleum companies such as drilling for oil have also been a factor.Now, reports Andrew Martin, a Norwegian company is carrying out trials with an artificial reef concept called SeaCult, which shows great promise in attracting fish and other marine life back to ...

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    A deadly combination


    "Just abuse or semi-slavery" - news such as this coming from South Africa on the abuse of Vietnamese and Indonesian crews onboard oceanic fishing vessels and previous ones of the labour conditions onboard Scottish and Irish fishing vessels on one hand, and those on the persisting reality of illegal, unreported ...

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    Saving on labour is the key for onboard processing


    Whitefish species would normally be de-headed and filleted by Baader equipment before entering the Marel flowlineHowever, one sure way to attract interest was to highlight the labour saving aspects of the machine in question. Not only is labour expensive, but today young people don’t want to go to sea anyway, ...

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    Climate cash – turning past into future


    Lawyer and career fighter for the poor and dispossessed, Koos Richelle Director General EuropeAid, which helps make the EU the world's biggest aid donor. Credit: TW:EEC PhotosKoos Richelle is Director General of EuropeAid, the European Commission's (EC) body, which, along with member states and the European Development Bank, represents the ...

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    Mathematics and selective fishing


    This column is going to be a continuation of my previous one, for the voices questioning some of the management means and the very science underlying them are heard loud and clear and more and more often.

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    Pesca Sur 2009


    Smaller than the former version but with the same spirit - this is how we can describe this third version of the exhibition.Either due to the global financial crisis or the country's fishing sector's instability, this year's event evidenced less expenditure. Also, exhibitors griped because of less visitors and a ...

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    Ensuring sustainability though an international leadership alliance


    Fisheries and seafood industries depend on healthy, productive marine ecosystems. Unfortunately, the marine environment and its resources are being degraded, destroyed and overexploited at an expanding rate and scale. As the primary users, fisheries, seafood and other ocean industries hold the key to their future in their own hands. Who ...

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    Reinforcements from Russia and America


    Here, at World Fishing, we have often brought up opinions questioning the ongoing fishery management methodology and management by quotas, as well as the underlying science, including the issue of relationship between the size of spawning stocks (SSB) and recruitment, the consequences of sustained size-selective fishing, and the validity of ...

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    Tuna fishing in the Western and Central Pacific


    Tuna seinerThe new measures are due for implementation this year after members of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) approved the new initiative at the Commission’s December 2008 annual meeting in Busan, South Korea.The Commission oversees the management of fisheries over an area that produces more than half ...