New Horizons – Page 3

  • A Sustainable Solution to Aquaculture?

    A sustainable solution to aquaculture?


    The genes of the monkeyface prickleback could hold the secret to more sustainable aquaculture

  • Grasshoppers and crickets: protein for salmon

    Grasshoppers and crickets – protein for salmon


    Based in Norway, Salmon Group and Metapod are trialling a new, locally produced feed for salmon made from grasshoppers and crickets

  • Reimagining fish

    Reimagining fish


    Fisheries and aquaculture can lead the crucial overhaul of global food systems

  • Aquaculture’s crucial role to feed billions

    Aquaculture’s crucial role to feed billions


    The recent Virtual Ocean Dialogues conference confirmed that while the sector has made strong progress, some important obstacles still need to be overcome

  • From Fish Waste to Value Added Ingredients

    From fish waste to value-added ingredients


    A new project in Europe is developing innovative ways to use fish waste and sidestreams to tackle inefficiency in the seafood supply chain and create marketable products

  • ?High Hopes for New Rainbow Trout Vaccine

    High hopes for new rainbow trout vaccine


    Significant steps are being taken in Scotland to develop a commercial vaccine for rainbow trout fry syndrome (RTFS)

  • Microalgae: Sustainable Aquaculture to Feed The World

    Sustainable aquaculture to feed the world


    Microalgae-based feeds could avoid depleting the wild fish that farmed seafood consumes, steering aquaculture in a new direction

  • Predicting Temperature, Salinity and More

    Predicting temperature, salinity and more


    A new computer model is giving aquaculture a lifeline as it seeks to adapt to ever-changing undersea conditions.

  • Portal Sheds Light on Norwegian Salmon Farming

    Portal sheds light on Norwegian salmon farming


    The impacts of salmon farming – on land and at sea – are being highlighted thanks to a new sustainability web portal in Norway

  • Feed Optimisation Through Digitalisation

    Feed optimisation through digitalisation


    Over the last few decades, IT has advanced significantly, with profound impacts on industries including aquaculture

  • Spearheading land-based salmon farming

    Japanese company spearheads land-based salmon farming


    The demand for marine products in Japan continues to rise, but with limited areas suitable for farming at sea, one company has developed a recirculating aquaculture system for salmon using artificial seawater. Businessman Tetsuro Sogo has big plans for the future, as he aims to meet the growing demand for salmon across Japan

  • Growing interest in alternative feeds

    Growing interest in alternative feeds


    Despite the limited supply of fish stocks, aquaculture continues to depend on wild-caught fishmeal and fish oil. By interacting with ingredient providers, researchers, fish farmers and feed companies, one collaborative effort, the Future of Fish Feed (F3), is working to offer some innovative solutions

  • Oyster Culture in Brazil: An Emerging Sector Along the Amazon Mangrove Coast

    Oyster culture in Brazil: An emerging sector along the Amazon mangrove coast


    With its long coastline and large markets along coastal cities and towns, the potential for oyster culture in Brazil is high. Last year, a study in Pará state along the eastern Amazon mangrove coast used socio-economic data to analyse the management and future development of Pará’’s oyster culture and present an overview of the situation

  • Transforming Aquaculture Through Software

    Transforming aquaculture through software


    As a new and rapidly growing food sector, aquaculture brings a range of important economic opportunities. However, it also faces challenges such as gaps in the knowledge required to run profitable and efficient operations. Now, mobile technology is helping to address this by providing aquaculture operators with the data they need to optimise and improve stock performance, and make decisions for maximum profit.

  • EU fisheries chief Maria Damanaki wants to see more from European aquaculture

    Future favourites


    Farmed fish is in demand like never before, but many new species are yet to make their mark