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  • Most of the Baltic Sea's commercial stocks, including cod, have collapsed

    Baltic Sea fishing limit woes


    The European Council is facing court to avoid repeat of Baltic fish stock collapse

  • Northern Harvest Sea Farms is the first three star BAP certified salmon operation in North America. Photo: SSPO

    Salmon Scotland: keep investment local


    Scotland’s salmon sector calls for greater investment in rural housing

  • s300_Consultation_image

    Flyseining restrictions considered


    Restrictions on flyseining in English waters is under consideration to protect non-quota stocks

  • sweden-emfaf_0

    Swedish, Finnish support


    Pair become the latest countries to benefit from EU funding to promote sustainable fishing and aquaculture

  • Loch Duart marketing manager, Adam Gray, strutted his stuff on the runway at the Dressed to Kilt fashion show and charity dinner

    Scottish salmon in vogue


    An independent scottish salmon farm was one of the main sponsors of a prestigious New York fashion event

  • ClientEarth says that in Europe, 40% of stocks in the North-East Atlantic are still in bad shape

    Suing ​EU-UK fishing limits


    Lawyers have begun legal action over the unsustainable fishing limits that were agreed between the EU and the UK for 2022

  • The KFO says that the Faroese are using their large blue whiting quota to purchase cod quota from Russia

    Russian action wanted


    There are calls for the European Commission to act on Russian trawlers fishing in a shared zone between the UK and the Faroes

  • Birdlife International says bycatch from fishing is killing Europe’s seabirds in huge and unsustainable numbers

    Accelerating bycatch action


    A new global initiative will mobilise major retailers to reduce the bycatch of sharks, marine mammals and seabirds

  • Trawl nets

    EU fisheries commissioner hears the value of bottom trawling


    Industry seeks to address Brussels’ negative perception of certain bottom gears

  • The Council has set a 97-tonne quota for cod in the Kattegat to cover unavoidable catches taken in other fisheries

    AGRIFISH Council adopts 2022 fishing opportunities


    The Council has today agreed on fishing opportunities for 2022 for the fish stocks exclusively managed by the EU in the Atlantic, Kattegat and Skagerrak and for stocks shared with Norway bilaterally and with Norway and the United Kingdom trilaterally, following the agreement reached last Friday.

  • Under the UK-EU-Norway agreement, the North Sea herring TAC is increased by 20%

    UK, EU and Norway agree 2022 North Sea catch limits


    A trilateral agreement on management of shared North Sea stocks has been signed by the UK the EU and Norway, while the EU and Norway have concluded a number of bilateral agreements.

  • Participants at 2021 FEAP General Assembly in Rome

    The FEAP holds 2021 General Assembly in Rome


    The Federation of European Aquaculture Producers held its 2021 General Assembly in Rome earlier this month – first onsite event organised by the federation since February 2020 and coupled with online participation through a hybrid setting.

  • Following extensive testing, Garware’s X1s, a new compact trawl netting was launched at the DanFish exhibition

    Garware introduces X1s


    Following some years of research and development, Garware formally launched its X1s, a new compact trawl netting, showing it for the first time at the DanFish exhibition.

  • Sorting catches on board the research vessel ©Maik Tidemann

    RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen surveys marine life in Cabo Verde


    Research vessel Dr Fridtjof Nansen of the EAF-Nansen Programme, has sailed for another month-long research expedition, this time around the Cabo Verde Islands.

  • Feeds from Baldvin Njálsson’s electronics are routed to the row of six 55-inch screens facing the skipper’s chair

    Armon delivers Nesfiskur factory trawler


    Designed by Skipasýn and built at the Astilleros Armon shipyard in Vigo, the new factory trawler Baldvin Njálsson is big step up in capacity and technology over the older trawler it replaces.

  • Tuna giant FCF has joined the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST). Photo: FSF

    FCF joins Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability


    FCF Co., Ltd, one of the world’s largest marine products integrated supply chain service provider companies specialising in tuna, has joined the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST).

  • Attention from the media as incoming Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Svandís Svavarsdóttir takes over from Kristján Thór Júlíusson, who is stepping down from government. Photo: Atvinnuvega- og Nýsköpunarráðuneytið

    Iceland’s new minister for fisheries


    With negotiations between the three parties forming Iceland’s new government concluded, there are changes at the various ministries – including at Industry and Innovation, which has the Fisheries and Agriculture brief.

  • The MoU aims to sustain the pelagic self-sampling programme over the long-term

    Pelagic stock science boost


    A new agreement aims to maximise the benefits on thecollection and analysis of scientific data on pelagic stocks.

  • Dan Watson's boat came courtesy (in part) from a £50,000 grant from Marine Fund Scotland

    Funding boost for new fishers


    New fishermen have been able apply for funding towards second hand fishing vessels.

  • Lynn Gilmore is taking over as director of communications and engagement at Seafish

    Seafish appoints comms director


    Seafish has appointed Dr Lynn Gilmore as its new director of communications and engagement, and takes over her new role on 1st November.