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  • bigeye tuna fishing

    Small fisheries face bigeye burden


    The International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) has urged the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) to stand up for small fisheries regarding bigeye tuna fishing opportunities.

  • A new app helps skippers reduce bycatch

    App to reduce bycatch wins award


    An app used by Scottish skippers to share real-time information about the location of hotspots of unwanted fish has scooped a sustainability award.

  • Svalbard standoff

    Svalbard standoff


    A group of European fishing vessel operators are heading for a landmark legal case, taking the Norwegian government to court to seek a ruling on quota they see as having been stolen from them.

  • crawfish

    Endangered species tracking


    Researchers are using tracking devices off the UK coastline to monitor an endangered marine species.

  • Newcomers join Tuna Australia board

    Newcomers join Tuna Australia board


    New directors appointed to the Tuna Australia board are expected to bring fresh insights and ideas to support and strengthen the tuna longline industry.

  • RFC’s new trawler arrives in Vladivostok

    RFC’s new trawler arrives in Vladivostok


    After successful fishing trials, the Russian Fishery Company’s new flagship trawler Vladimir Limanov has arrived in Vladivostok for scheduled customs clearance and presentation to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).

  • FASFA appoints new executive director

    FASFA appoints new executive director


    The Frozen At Sea Fillets Association (FASFA) has announced the appointment of Julie Waites as its new executive director following the retirement of Malcolm Large.

  • LO

    Landing obligation control challenging


    A new study of the implementation of the landing obligation (LO) has found control and enforcement remain challenging.

  • Siam Canadian opens Ecuador branch

    Siam Canadian opens Ecuador branch


    Already established in South America since 2019, Thai-based global seafood and meat supplier Siam Canadian has announced its latest expansion with an office in Guayauqil.

  • UK supporting Pacific ECS submissions

    UK supporting Pacific ECS submissions


    The UK Government has signed an agreement with the Pacific Community (SPC) for GBP 263,000 that will help Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Tonga to secure the rights and responsibilities over their respective ocean spaces.

  • Australian seafood’s bright future

    Australian seafood’s future looks bright


    Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) has welcomed the release of the Australian fisheries and aquaculture statistics 2020, which has shown aquaculture is now the largest sector of the domestic seafood industry.

  • P&P buys into Thunnus Overseas Group

    P and P buys into Thunnus Overseas Group


    Dutch fishing and processing group Parlevliet & Van der Plas has agreed with main shareholder Mohamad Khachab to acquire a significant shareholding in Thunnus Overseas Group (TOG).

  • Chicken of the Sea appoints EVP Commercial

    Chicken of the Sea appoints EVP Commercial


    Chicken of the Sea International (COSI) has announced the appointment of Andy Mecs to the role of Executive Vice President, Commercial.

  • New June 2022 dates for IceFish

    New 2022 dates for 13th Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition and Awards


    Mercator Media Ltd has confirmed that as a result of the Icelandic Government’s decision to extend the current restrictions on gatherings, the 13th Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition (Icefish) will now be rescheduled to 8-10th June 2022 – with the online IceFish Connect 16-18th November 2021.

  • Small-scale tuna fishers in France have won a historic court victory over access to fishing rights Photo: LIFE

    Court victory for French small-scale fishers


    The French courts have ruled in favour of the Union of Small-Scale Fishers from the Occitan Region (SPMO) and three other stakeholders in their four-year-long battle over access to fishing rights.

  • Cod caught more than 12 miles out to sea in the North East Arctic has retained its MSC certification

    Offshore Arctic cod recertified by MSC


    Norwegian Offshore North East Arctic Cod will be recertified from 15 August 2021 while inshore North East Arctic cod will no longer be MSC certified, the Marine Stewardship Council has confirmed.

  • Understanding the nutritional composition of fish species can help improve the diet of malnourished communities Photo: WorldFish

    Determining the nutritional value of fish


    A new open-source tool is helping to increase the consumption of nutrient-rich fish species in malnourished communities.

  • Tuna fishers in the Azores will compete to collect ghost gear Photo: IPNLF

    Azores ghost gear removal competition


    Small-scale tuna fishers in the Azores are taking part in what is thought to be the world’s first competition to remove abandoned fishing gear at sea.

  • Chief Marilyn Slett Photo: Coastal First Nations

    Coastal First Nations fisheries agreement


    The Canadian Government has signed an amended Fisheries Resources Reconciliation Agreement (FRRA) committing to a respectful and cooperative partnership with Indigenous Peoples.

  • NOAA has released a report identifying countries with poor fisheries management

    NOAA takes strong stand against IUU fishing


    More than thirty nations lack effective regulation to protect marine life and combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, according to a recent report by NOAA.