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  • The EC has adopted a sustainable management plan for the Mediterranean and Black Seas

    EC adopts Med and Black Seas 2022 proposals


    The European Commission has adopted a proposal for fishing opportunities for 2022 in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

  • Mediterranean fish

    Algeria surveys-at-sea


    Pelagic and demersal surveys will be carried out in Algerian waters to improve the management of fish stocks.

  • Managing fisheries in a changing climate

    Managing fisheries in a changing climate


    A new adaptation handbook launched at the World Fisheries Congress aims to make Australia’s fisheries better equipped to plan for climate change.

  • Last mackerel of the year

    Last mackerel of the year


    Síldarvinnslan’s pelagic vessel Bjarni Ólafsson docked at the weekend to discharge what looks to be the last mackerel landing of the year in Neskaupstaður.

  • RFC and ROK-1 have teamed up to increase pollock production in Russia Photo: RFC

    RFC and ROK-1 team up to push pollock


    The Russian Fishery Company (RFC), the Russian Pollock plant (part of the RFC Group) and the Fish Processing Plant No. 1 (ROK-1) have signed an agreement to ensure domestic sales of pollock reach at least 10,000 tonnes annually, starting from 2023.

  • The Sea Harvest Group has seen headline earnings increase by 19% Photo: Sea Harvest Group

    Sea Harvest Group delivers strong 2021


    The Sea Harvest Group has increased headline earnings by nearly a fifth this year, despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • FISF cod and haddock has achieved MSC certification

    MSC certification for Faroese cod and haddock


    The Faroe Islands Sustainable Fisheries (FISF) cod, haddock, tusk and ling fishery has achieved Marine Stewardship Council certification for cod and haddock.

  • Aquatic foods demand could double by 2050

    Aquatic foods demand could double by 2050


    The global population is likely to consume twice as much fish and aquatic foods by 2050 compared to 2015, according to a review by the Blue Food Assessment, an international joint initiative bringing together over 100 scientists from more than 25 institutions.

  • New CEO takes over at Carsoe

    New CEO takes over at Carsoe


    Looking to expand into new markets, Danish processing systems specialist Carsoe has appointed new CEO Hugo Dissing to lead the company into territories.

  • Fishing vessels carried SeaTube EMS from Satlink for the study Photo: Satlink

    EMS gives better catch data, says study


    Electronic monitoring systems on board fishing vessels are the most reliable source of data for developing selective fishing practices and ensuring compliance, concludes a study coordinated by The Nature Conservancy.

  • Scotland’s seafood sector can grow globally, says Crown Estate Scotland

    Expanding Scotland’s seafood sector


    Crown Estate Scotland has revealed a number of ways for Scotland’s shellfish producers to access new markets and improve the economy.

  • UK fishing

    GB£24m for UK fishing


    UK fishing businesses will now have access to GB£24m of investment to develop technology, trial new gear and support research to improve industry productivity and long-term sustainability.

  • This year’s Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit will focus on digital transformation and investment

    Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit 2021


    The Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit 2021 will be held on 11 – 13 October, this year focusing on digital transformation and the investment needed to ensure sustainability in the Japanese seafood sector.

  • John West’s new tuna range Photo: John West

    John West unveils nutrient-rich tuna


    John West is hoping to appeal to a younger, health-conscious market with the launch of a new tuna brand with a focus on nutrition.

  • Raleigh Salvesen, CEO of Dawnfresh Seafoods Photo: Dawnfresh Seafoods

    Dawnfresh axes Uddingston, expands Arbroath


    Scottish food producer, Dawnfresh Seafoods is investing £5 million in expanding its Arbroath site in preparation for the closure of its Uddingston site near Glasgow.

  • Alexander Vedyakhin (l) and Gleb Frank Photo: RFC

    Sberbank and RFC sign supertrawlers deal


    Sberbank and the Russian Fishery Company (RFC) have jointly agreed to finance the construction of four large freezing fish trawlers.

  • bigeye tuna fishing

    Small fisheries face bigeye burden


    The International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) has urged the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) to stand up for small fisheries regarding bigeye tuna fishing opportunities.

  • A new app helps skippers reduce bycatch

    App to reduce bycatch wins award


    An app used by Scottish skippers to share real-time information about the location of hotspots of unwanted fish has scooped a sustainability award.

  • Svalbard standoff

    Svalbard standoff


    A group of European fishing vessel operators are heading for a landmark legal case, taking the Norwegian government to court to seek a ruling on quota they see as having been stolen from them.

  • crawfish

    Endangered species tracking


    Researchers are using tracking devices off the UK coastline to monitor an endangered marine species.