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  • Russian Crab Company sales are up 35% in a year

    Russian Crab Company sales up 35%


    The Russian Crab Company has released its 2021 half year performance results showing that it increased sales volumes by 35% over the same period last year.

  • A task force is being created to help eradicate IUU squid fishing

    Task force to tackle IUU squid fishing


    Squid producers and suppliers from the US are teaming up with European, Canadian and Australian companies to create a working group to combat illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing.

  • The government is failing to consider communities when selecting highly protected marine areas, says the NFFO

    HPMA selection process ‘rigged’ says NFFO


    The UK government’s process to select highly protected marine areas (HPMAs) is rigged against fishing communities, according to the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations.

  • Ensuring fisheries can manage climate change is key to ensuring the future supply of seafood

    Global approach to climate change resilience


    The All Party Parliamentary Group on Fisheries has heard about the ongoing work around the world to help make fisheries resilient in the face of climate change.

  • Responsibly sourced tuna is important to consumers Photo: OPAGAC

    Spanish seal certifies sustainable tuna


    Canning companies Bolton Food, Salica and Atunlo are now supplying consumers in the US and Italy with produce certified to the tuna from responsible fishing (APR) standard promoted by OPAGAC.

  • Woman in fishing industry

    Norway’s fishing culture must change


    A new report on gender equality in Norway’s fisheries concludes that if the proportion of women in fisheries is to increase, culture and attitudes must change.

  • WTO closing the gap on subsidies agreement

    WTO closing the gap on subsidies agreement


    Negotiations have been in progress for almost twenty years, but the World Trade Organisation is finally confident that an agreement on limiting fisheries subsidies is in sight, following a day-long meeting in mid-July of ministers and heads of delegation.

  • Longline gear being deployed Photo: NOAA Fisheries

    Gulf of Maine survey concludes


    A survey of bottom-dwelling species in the Gulf of Maine helping inform sustainable fisheries management has just completed.

  • Fish supplies across Europe are not meeting dietary needs, says a new study

    Fish supplies not meeting dietary needs


    Fish supplies are too low to meet dietary requirements in many European countries, according to a new study published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

  • Mørenot delivers ocean cleanup System 002

    Mørenot delivers ocean cleanup System 002


    The Norwegian fishing gear supplier Mørenot has played a central role in the design, production, and testing of The Ocean Cleanup’s System 002, which is heading for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch later in July.

  • Loch Duart began producing from the former Thai Union/Edinburgh Salmon Company processing facility in 2020 Photo: Loch Duart

    New era of fish processing at Dingwall


    One year on from acquiring the former Thai Union/Edinburgh Salmon Company processing facility in Dingwall, Loch Duart has completely revitalised the premises.

  • Government funding will help provide vital safety training Photo: Seafish

    Scottish Government funds safety training


    Seafish has secured £140,000 in funding from the Scottish Government to help it subsidise vital safety training for workers on commercial fishing vessels.

  • Ghanaian observers risk violence and abuse

    Ghanaian observers risk violence and abuse


    Ghanaian fisheries observers get offers of bribes, threatens and abuse at sea when reporting on the largely Chinese-owned trawl fleet operating in Ghana’s waters, according to an Environmental Justice Foundation report.

  • The RFC has increased production of fully-processed, frozen at sea pollock and herring Photo: RFC

    RFC increases output of fully-processed fish


    Production by the Russian Fishery Company of fully-processed fish and seafood frozen at sea has increased by more than a fifth in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period last year.

  • Kelli Valade Photo: Thai Union Group

    Red Lobster appoints new CEO


    Red Lobster has appointed Kelli Valade as the company’s next chief executive, taking over from Kim Lopdrup who retires after 14 years leading the seafood restaurant brand.

  • The European Parliament has adopted the new European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund

    European Parliament adopts new fishing fund


    The European Parliament has adopted the 2021-2027 fisheries and aquaculture fund to support the blue economy, protect biodiversity and promote international ocean governance.

  • The RFC and Alfa Laval are launching training for operating ship separators Photo: RFC

    RFC and Alfa Laval ship separator training


    The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) and Alfa Laval have launched a series of training seminars on the rules of operation of modern ship separators on a range of vessels including fishing vessels.

  • EJF evidence leads to fine and suspension

    EJF evidence leads to fine and suspension


    ?Taiwan’s Fisheries Agency has fined the owners of a distant water vessel 10.25 million New Taiwan Dollars (US$ 370,000) for illegal shark finning and catching prohibited species such as oceanic whitetip sharks.

  • Western Bering Sea pollock MSC certified

    Western Bering Sea pollock MSC certified


    Following a nine-month assessment process, the Pollock Catchers Association (PCA) has been awarded MSC certification for its Russian Western Bering Sea pollock fishery.

  • Seafish researchers Juan Carlos Paredes Esclapez, Oscar Wilkie and Joe Cooper in Peterhead port during the 2019 fleet survey Photo: Seafish

    UK’s annual fleet survey returns face-to-face


    Fishing industry leaders are calling on owners and skippers to take part in the annual survey of the UK’s fleet.