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  • American lobsters potentially pose a threat to European lobsters Photo: Marine Scotland

    American lobster identification campaign


    A campaign has launched in Scotland to help raise awareness of a non-native lobster species which is posing a threat to indigenous wildlife.

  • Twenty years of protecting Pacific waters

    Twenty years of protecting Pacific waters


    Operation Tui Moana, a regional fisheries surveillance operation covering the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) of Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga and Tuvalu as well as associated high seas, marked twenty years protecting this important Pacific resource.

  • Mediterranean bluefin campaign kicks off

    Mediterranean bluefin campaign kicks off


    The European Fisheries Control Agency is co-ordinating the control campaign for the bluefin tuna fishery (BFT) in the Mediterranean Sea for 2021 in the framework of its Joint Deployment Plan (JDP).

  • Alfonso Paz-Andrade 1940-2021

    Alfonso Paz-Andrade 1940-2021


    The death earlier this week of businessman Alfonso Paz-Andrade has made headlines in his native Galicia.

  • Stepping up global action on IUU fishing

    Stepping up global action on IUU fishing


    More needs to be done to combat IUU fishing as consumer demand and fish production continue to rise, according to FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu.

  • IUU fishing is rife in Ghana, damaging livelihoods and the economy Photo: EJF

    Ghana given 2nd EU warning over IUU fishing


    The Ghanaian government’s failure to tackle illegal fishing has resulted in a second yellow card – a formal warning that could lead to a seafood export ban to the EU.

  • EU and UK strike 2021 fisheries agreement

    EU and UK strike 2021 fisheries agreement


    The EU and the UK have concluded negotiations to reach an agreement in principle setting out catch limits for jointly managed fish stocks for the remainder of 2021.

  • Poachers boarded and destroyed

    Poachers boarded and destroyed


    Co-operation between Australian agencies has disrupted illegal foreign fishing activity in the Ashmore Reef Marine Park, approximately 840 kilometres west of Darwin.

  • Faroes and Iceland set mackerel quotas

    Faroes and Iceland set mackerel quotas


    The Faroe Islands and Iceland have followed Norway’s lead in setting their own mackerel quotas for 2021.

  • DSI has acquired CES and Dantech Photo: DSI

    DSI acquires CES and Dantech


    DSI Freezing Solutions has acquired Cryogenic Equipment and Services (CES) and Dantech Freezing Systems.

  • EAPO and Europêche have criticised the Norwegian government’s decision to increase its share of mackerel fishery

    EU fishers slam Norway mackerel move


    The EU pelagic fishing industry, under the aegis of EAPO and Europêche, has hit back at the Norwegian government’s unilateral decision to increase its share in the mackerel fishery, urging the EU to take immediate action to prevent this.

  • mackerel

    Alarm over mackeral quota


    The Norwegian government’s decision to set a unilateral quota for Northeast Atlantic mackerel has been called “alarming”.

  • Pressure on IOTC over yellowfin tuna

    Pressure on IOTC over yellowfin tuna


    Pressure is growing on the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission to take steps to put in place effective measures to allow the Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna stock to regenerate.

  • Norway takes a tough stance on mackerel

    Norway takes a tough stance on mackerel


    The decision by the Norwegian Ministry for trade, industry and fisheries set set a mackerel quota at 298,299 tonnes for 2021, acting unilaterally in the absence of a coastal state agreements, has been welcomed by the Norwegian industry, and slammed by European fishing organisations as a quota grab.

  • Russian Crab Group has made its first delivery to a Spanish distributor Photo: Russian Crab Group

    Russian Crab Group makes first EU delivery


    The Russian Crab Group of companies has made its first crab delivery to the European Union.

  • Global Tuna Alliance joins GSSI

    Global Tuna Alliance joins GSSI


    The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative has announced that the Global Tuna Alliance has joined GSSI as an Affiliated Partner.

  • Indonesia and Australia cooperate on Gannet 5

    Indonesia and Australia cooperate on Gannet 5


    Australia and Indonesia are currently engaged in a co-operative operation aimed at safeguarding territorial waters and deterring illegal activity that affects both nations.

  • Thai Union now owns 100% of Rügen Fisch Photo: Rügen Fisch

    Thai Union acquires remainder of Rügen Fisch


    Thai Union Group has acquired the remaining 49% of shares of Rügen Fisch.

  • Founder and chairman, Thór Sigfússon Photo: IOC

    Iceland Ocean Cluster celebrates 10 years


    The Iceland Ocean Cluster celebrates its 10th anniversary today as it continues to build networks between industry, R&D and investors, adding value to the blue economy of Iceland.

  • The Saltonstall-Kennedy program awards funding to improve fisheries in the US Photo: NOAA Fisheries

    NOAA announces US$11m in fisheries funding


    NOAA Fisheries has recommended more than US$11 million for 43 projects under the 2021 Saltonstall-Kennedy Competitive Grants Program.