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  • UK gets nul points on fisheries deals

    UK gets nul points on fisheries deals


    The efforts of the UK government to secure fisheries agreements have done little to give Hull-based UK Fisheries confidence for the future of their operations.

  • Changed MSC status for Norwegian fisheries

    Changed MSC status for Norwegian fisheries


    Planned changes to the MSC certification of sone of Norway’s groundfish stocks are taking place, with a temporary certificate extension to 3rd May for inshore and offshore cod.

  • Dr Susan Steele Photo: SFPA

    EFCA appoints new executive director


    The administrative board of the European Fisheries Control Agency has appointed Dr Susan Steele as executive director with effect from 1 September 2021.

  • RFC aims to produce four to five thousand tonnes of surimi in 2021 Photo: RFC

    RFC to supply surimi to domestic market


    The Russian Fishery Company has signed the first contracts for the supply of Pollock surimi to the Russian market.

  • Thai Union has launched a new tuna oil range Photo: Thai Union

    Thai Union launches new tuna oil range


    Thai Union Ingredients has launched a new tuna oil range, continuing the focus of parent company Thai Union Group on ‘Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans’ and building on the success of the UniQTMBONE product launched in January.

  • GoMicro’s AI technology is as effective as humans at detecting spoiled tuna Photo: GoMicro

    Using AI to grade tuna


    Australian technology company, GoMicro, has created technology based on artificial intelligence which will help prevent spoiled tuna from reaching retail shelves in Sri Lanka.

  • The FISG has launched a new safety campaign to reduce MOB death Photo: FISG

    New MOB prevention campaign launched


    A new man overboard prevention campaign has been launched in response to data showing that 85% of fatalities in the fishing industry involve people ending up in the water.

  • Russian Crab reports healthy Q1

    Russian Crab reports healthy Q1


    Fishing vessels operated by the Russian Crab Company landed 2400 tonnes in the first quarter of 2021, 19% up on the figures for the same period a year ago.

  • French fishermen threaten blockade

    French fishermen threaten blockade


    Fishermen in the Hauts-de-France region are threatening a series of actions on 22nd and 23rd April which could paralyse ports.

  • Garware is a great place to work according to Great Place to Work Institute India Photo: Garware Technical Fibres

    Garware certified as ‘great place to work’


    Garware Technical Fibres has achieved a confidence index score of 89/100, according to the recent Organisational Climate Survey conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW).

  • dipping experiment

    Dipping technology preserves side-streams


    Cost-effective stabilisation technology is enabling the upgrade of fish side-streams into food ingredients.

  • The World Fisheries Congress is to be held this year in Adelaide

    Australia reels in World Fisheries Congress


    The eighth World Fisheries Congress, scheduled for September this year, will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, injecting AUS$2.7 million into the local economy

  • Understanding what toxins might play a role in the future is important in ensuring seafood is safe to eat Photo: The Marine Institute

    Marine toxin warning network


    The Marine Institute has collaborated with ten partners on a research project into developing a marine toxin warning network in European waters.

  • The Honourable Bernadette Jordan Photo: Fisheries & Oceans Canada

    More clean tech funding for Canada


    The Canadian government has pledged CAN$5.4 million from the Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program to support projects contributing to clean economic growth in British Columbia.

  • The ‘Helga Maria’ Photo: Brim

    On the retreat from golden redfish


    Brim’s fresher trawler ‘Helga María’ is currently on the Eldey Bank and fishing well, according to skipper Friðleifur Einarsson.

  • SeaBOS welcomes Japan’s stance in IUU fishing

    SeaBOS welcomes Japan’s stance on IUU fishing


    A coalition that brings together more than a hundred leading seafood companies has congratulated the Japanese government on the introduction of new fisheries legislation designed to prevent distribution in Japan of seafood from IUU fishing, form both domestic and imported sources.

  • Fishermen in Tangier

    Database for fisheries legislation in the Med


    The General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean is launching a new online regional repository for fisheries and aquaculture legislation in the region.

  • Reduced salmon catches over coming decade

    Reduced salmon catches over coming decade


    Russia may ?see significantly reduced volumes of salmon catches within the next decade, mainly due to the ongoing migration of fish to the north due to climate change, according to recent statements by leading analysts, reports Eugene Gerden

  • Industry support for VMS

    Industry support for VMS


    The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has announced that vessel monitoring system (VMS) compliance from Commonwealth fisheries reached a peak of 99.4% as a result of the recent AFMA zero-tolerance campaign.

  • Thai Union has released a limited edition can of tuna featuring Doraemon Photo: Thai Union

    Limited edition Thai Union anime tuna


    In the first collaboration between a canned tuna product and classic Japanese anime, Thai Union’s SEALECT Tuna brand has launched a limited edition can with packaging featuring Doraemon, the famous manga series.