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    Revolutionary generation of tubs


    Promens Dalvik ehf has recently put a new generation of Sæplast 400 litre tubs for the fishing industry on the market. The company describes the tubs as a breakthrough compared to the previous generations of Sæplast tubs.

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    New Saeplast products from Promens Dalvík


    Promens Dalvík will introduce new Saeplast products at the upcoming Seafood Processing Europe exhibition, including the final production version of its next generation of insulated containers.

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    Fish tote repair


    Fishing companies and seafood processors around the world are repairing their own large plastic fish totes and double-wall, insulated containers.

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    Combined fish & cargo centre


    The Port of Tvoroyri is the co-ordinator of the Suðuroy-Tvoroyristand exhibition stand at NAFF that is being sponsored by the Municipality of Tvoroyri.

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    Enormous interest in ‘Fish Tub of the Future’


    Sæplast attended Seafood Processing Europe in Brussels and the company was very pleased with the interest shown in the ‘Fish Tub of the Future’.

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    Making traceability pay


    World Fishing has long suggested that fishermen and processors who could identify, in detail, from where their product had originated would do better in the market with retailers and consumers. In other words, traceability was not a burden but a potential marketing tool for adding value.

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    New products from Saeplast at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition


    Saeplast presented at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition a number of new products.

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    New Seafood Centre at Hanstholm


    The Port of Hanstholm (Denmark) is opening a new Hanstholm Seafood Centre on September 9.

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    The Baltic states move to tubs


    BORGARPLAST says the European tub market is stagnant but its tubs are picking up good business in the Baltic states, and its reach now covers customers in Africa, especially Tanzania and Uganda.

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    Icebox Plastico becomes Saeplast Iberia


    In order to strengthen its global presence Icebox Plastico has adopted this year the name of its parent company, Saeplast and becomes Saeplast Iberia, S.A.

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    Peterson Beck gets a new coat for Brussels


    Danish company Peterson Beck has developed what is says is a revolutionary new exterior coating for its Beck-liners®, which allows you to make sure your sticky labels do not fall off.

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    Weight solutions from Scotland


    Packaging Systems Scotland will be presenting its new packaging system SBin, designed for moving up to 320 kilogrames of farmed salmon in 180kg of ice slurry.

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    Tub vs box - size matters


    The Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories is an independent state organisation, operating on behalf of industry under the Ministry of Fisheries. For 20 years it has worked to improve the humble containers which carry fish all over the word. Staff member Sigurjón Arason, a civil engineer with an MSc at Denmark''s Technical ...

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    Associated British Ports (ABP), owner and operator of Millbay Docks at Plymouth, has caught a new cargo in the form of 1,100 tonnes of frozen fish. The fish is being loaded at Millbay Docks today (Monday, 17, January) for local company Interfish.

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    Sæplast sells 3,000 Euro-size PUR tubs to German processor


    In one of the largest agreements of its kind in the group''s history, Sæplast has concluded a contract with German fish processor Euro-Baltic Fischverarbeitungs GmbH calling for the delivery of 3,000 700-litre insulated polyurethane Euro-size PUR containers for use at the company''s herring processing plant in the port of Sassnitz, ...

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    Sydney market upgrades auction


    February 2004 saw the installation of a new electronic selling system at Sydney Fish Market, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, according to Auxcis Trading Solutions (ATS) in a press statement. Its outdated electronic auction was replaced by a brand new system that included three auction clocks, a buyers'' gallery ...

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    Quality on show for fisheries minister


    Visible quality. Icelandic Minister of Fisheries, Ãrni M Mathiesen (right), gets first-hand evidence of the freshness of fish at Fishgate, Hull''s quality-driven fish trading centre, during an early morning visit to the electronic auction market.

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    Peterhead looks to future with confidence


    Peterhead Harbours has ridden out a difficult year for demersal landings caused by the very low quota levels for 2001 but is now looking to the future with renewed confidence, thanks in part to a recent £9m investment to upgrade port facilities.