Smart, connected seafood processing


A word from the editor…

Welcome to WF’s latest ‘Smart, Connected Seafood Processing’ Special Report – an insightful return to the world of production lines and the positive changes now taking place in on-land and at-sea operations. We also get a glimpse at some of the potential solutions on the industry’s horizon.

Researching and compiling these articles reaffirmed just how important the upscaling of new technologies and innovations in processing plants has been in putting global fish consumption on a growth trajectory that’s already spanned six decades.

We’re also all aware that for seafood to continue being the world’s most traded food commodity, and to preserve its credibility as sustainable source of nutrition, there’s a pressing need for the blue food economy to kick-on further – for it to do more to meet the specific demands of very discerning markets for high-quality products, in formats they want, at competitive prices.

It’s therefore been very encouraging to learn that through robust data use, connectivity and increasingly sophisticated equipment, a growing number of savvy fish processors have been successfully elevating their productivity, flexibility, speed to market, competitiveness and trust. It was demonstrated that real-time data drives faster, smarter decisions that can have beneficial impacts on quality, yield, traceability and sustainability – all prerequisites in today’s global food manufacturing landscape.

- Jason Holland, Editor, World Fishing & Aquaculture

WF Special Report Mar-Apr24