Smart, connected seafood processing


A word from the editor…

With the global seafood value chain facing unprecedented consumer demand for products, there’s a fundamental need for processors to dramatically scale-up their productivity. The latest of World Fishing & Aquaculture’s new Special Reports series recognises the incorporation of robotics, analytics software and other new technologies within smarter, more connected factory environments ranks amongst the most viable means through which the processing sector – both on-land and at-sea – can raise its game and meet these and future requirements sustainably and profitably.

Furthermore, the subsequent generation of transparent and fully-traceable information has the potential to dramatically improve business-to-business trust and consumer confidence – by giving access to desired specifics from along the whole value chain.

Insights from key and emerging players in the space also show that progress and resilience can be built by approaching opportunities and challenges in different ways and breaking away from what’s historically been standard practice. While approaches differ greatly, there exists a common end goal – to do seafood better.

- Jason Holland, Editor, World Fishing & Aquaculture

World Fishing Special Report April 2023 - Smart, connected seafood processing - a conveyor belt carrying sliced fish meat, with multiple robotic arms placing them into white plastic containers