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  • Fluid Controls has acquired a new CNC lathe.

    Fluid pumps to Scandinavia and beyond


    This year is proving to be yet another busy year for Fluid Controls, with significant sales of fish pumps to Chile, Norway, Iceland and Denmark.

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    New Puffin hook from Beko-Dimon


    The new Puffin brand of stainless steel fishing hooks and accessories has both surprised and challenged many people in the commercial fishing industry, the manufacturer Beko-Dimon told WF.

  • Funz San’s 60-tonne trawl winch.

    Large order book for Taiwan winch manufacturer


    Funz San Industry is currently working on a project that includes two slipway winches with a capability of 150T@5m/min and two slipway winches with capability of 60T@5m/min. These winches are for a shipyard in the Philippines.

  • Vladivostok docked in the Port of Vladivostok, Russia. Built in 1992 in the shipbuilding plant in Nikolaev, Ukraine, it is today one of the most modern and highest producers in the Russian catcher processor fleet thanks in part to the Wesmar trawl sonar.

    Wesmar trawl increases Vladivostok catch by 70%


    The installation of the Wesmar TCS780 trawl system on board the 105m catcher/processor Vladivostok has been hailed a big success.

  • Dyrkorn has taken on Jens Nergaard to manage the new Båtsfjord depot.

    Dyrkorn opens Båtsfjord depot


    Dyrkorn has opened a new depot in the north Norway port of Båtsfjord to bring its services closer to the area where most of the country’s longlining activity takes place.

  • Mustad’s new senior project manager, Arne Tennøy.

    New senior project manager for Mustad Longline


    After a period of organisational changes and downsizing Mustad Longline has hired a new senior project manager. The appointee, Arne Tennøy will join the company’s sales office in Aalesund, Norway.

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    Trawl camera to optimise sustainable fishing


    JT Electric’s new underwater HD digital camera is an effective tool in reducing the capture of prohibited species in harsh environments, the Faroe Islands-based manufacturer has said.

  • The new Distance sensors have the same shape as the existing DoorAngle sensors. They fit into the same door mounting kits. The small picture shows the new sensor mounting kit together with the old type.

    New Distance sensors – long working time, fast and simple charging


    New technology, when it comes to sensor construction, battery technology and charging technology, has made it possible to develop distance sensors that can be programmed precisely to suit different conditions, and to create solutions that eliminate laborious operations, according to Scanmar.

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    International visitors to Fishing 2010 a key attraction for KT Nets


    Irish pelagic trawl manufacturer KT Nets says it will be exhibiting again at this year’s Fishing 2010 exhibition in Glasgow because of the strong visitor presence from overseas.

  • From left: Dean Bartlett, Manager, Vónin Canada; Hjalmar Petersen Managing Director, Vónin; Jan Klein, Sales Manager, Vónin Canada; Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, Government of Canada; Dr Paul Winger, Director, Centre for Sustainabl...

    Vónin plays important role in environment project


    Together with the Marine Institute in Newfoundland, Vónin and Vónin Canada are working together on a project with a goal to reduce the impact that bottom trawls have on the seabed.

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    Viking Xstream trawl doors


    Hampidjan has brought its trawl door production home in the wake of the country’s financial crash that saw the Icelandic króna drop in value against other currencies.

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    First Norwegian pelagic trawler to use Dynex Warps


    Hampidjan recently supplied a full set of Dynex Warps to Norwegian pelagic vessel Birkeland, consisting of two sets of 2,000m of 40mm diameter Dynex Warp.

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    Cosmos to produce gear in Bangladesh


    Bangladesh fishing company Sea Resources Limited and Danish fishing gear manufacturer Cosmos Trawl have renewed a contract with Danish overseas aid agency Danida to put into place the third phase of a fishing gear technology development project in Bangladesh.

  • Mackerel

    Pre-sampling avoids capture of juvenile mackerel


    Electronic pre-sampling jigging machines recently fitted to all pelagic mid-water trawlers in Scotland and Shetland, have been invaluable in helping vessels to avoid capture of undersized mackerel.

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    User feedback for Vónin 2007


    Ever since Vónin introduced the Vónin 2007 shrimp trawl it has been a huge success.

  • Grids from Carslen Net

    Interest in new grid


    At the DanFish exhibition in Aalborg in October, the new flexible grid from Carlsen Net gained great interest from fishermen all over the world.

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    French fishermen seek seine net skills in Iceland


    A group of French fishermen from the west coast port of Les Sables d’Olonne have spent a week familiarising themselves with Icelandic methods of seine netting.

  • A Dyneema trawl net for one of Talleys' factory trawlers

    Motueka praises Dyneema


    The last two years have been exciting for New Zealand''s largest net manufacturer, Motueka Nets, and the company says this is due to Dyneema.

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    Innovative new technology from Mustad Longline


    Mustad’s Autoline technology made a revolution in longline fishing during the ‘70’s and ‘80’s and since then more than 700 vessels worldwide have organised their fishing operations around this system.

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    Longlining system wins Smart Gear award


    A team of Australian inventors has won the WWF Smart Gear award, aimed at innovative ideas for fishing "smarter".