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  • Tuna and fish landed to market in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka fisheries ready for return


    With its ban on fisheries exports to the EU market lifted, the country anticipates it will start to reinstate crucial trade links from next month

  • Captain Olaf Olsen

    Beta Files


    Captain Olaf Olsen, whom I''m proud to call a friend, was born in the Faroe Islands in 1935.

  • European nations have spent the last two years implementing new changes under the CFP. Credit: Wutsje/via Wikimedia Commons

    Europe slowly opens up to the CFP


    European nations are slowly coming to terms with implementing new rules and legislation under the latest Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), as Adrian Tatum reports.

  • Illegal fishing is still a major problem. Credit: NOAA

    Collaboration is the key in the fight against illegal fishing


    Adrian Tatum examines the state of illegal fishing around the world and looks at some of the efforts being made to eliminate it.

  • Fish stocks are stable in some places, increasing in others and in some areas they are declining

    Fishing down marine food webs?


    Menakhem Ben-Yami shares his opinion on Pauly and Zeller’s recent paper on fish catches.

  • Bob Milne

    Getting to the bottom of the ‘mislabelling’ issue


    Bob Milne looks at the recent – and conflicting - seafood mislabelling studies.

  • Could the fish fingers of the future be made from plankton? Credit: EHRENBERG Kommunikation, CC BY-SA 2.0

    Science fiction?


    Menakhem Ben-Yami takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the possible technology of the future.

  • North Korea’s coastline is 2,100km long. Credit: Uri Tours/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    'North Korean' fishermen die in a desperate fishery


    North Korea has made the global press headlines with its claim of detonating a hydrogen bomb, but Menakhem Ben-Yami reports on the fishing boats and bodies that have recently washed ashore in Japan, which appear to be North Korean.

  • Mnemiopsis leidyi. Steven G. Johnson/CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    Challenges in the South Eastern Mediterranean


    A multidisciplinary scientific conference dealing with the dynamics of the Levant Basin, attended by international and Israeli experts, took place in November at the foot of Mt. Carmel, Israel. Menakhem Ben-Yami reports.

  • John Goodlad. © MSC

    Fishing and cage farming paradise


    A couple of months ago a rare visitor, John Goodlad - a Shetlander who is also a Scottish fishery personality - passed here with his beautiful daughter.

  • Profitability of the UK fleet was on the rise for 2013 but there are further challenges ahead

    A year of stability in the UK, but for how long?


    The UK’s leading seafood authority, Seafish, has released a report on the state of the UK fishing fleet, but there are many challenges ahead, as Adrian Tatum finds out.

  • Fishermen and FAO tell a different story to the Living Blue Planet report. Image supplied by Seafish:



    Menakhem Ben-Yami looks at difference between the recent Living Blue Planet Report and what the science and fishermen are saying.

  • Scientists are developing the potential of wrasse as a cleaner fish. Credit: Andrew Denham

    Sea lice solution


    Bryan Gibson looks at a possible solution to the issue of sea lice infestation.

  • Libby Woodhatch, head of advocacy at Seafish, told WSC 2015 delegates that labour and human rights abuse extends far beyond Thai waters

    Lessons learned from Thailand


    Ethics and social responsibility in the seafood supply chain dominated discussions at the World Seafood Congress 2015

  • News

    Big Brother is watching


    The growing powers of state management of fisheries - and the introduction of more and more laws, regulations, and other restrictions controlling commercial fishing operations – continue to concoct complex systems of inspection and monitoring.

  • Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Elisabeth Aspaker, and European Commissioner, Karmenu Vella. © European Union

    Promoting sustainable blue growth for future generations


    In an exclusive article for World Fishing & Aquaculture, European Commissioner, Karmenu Vella and Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Elisabeth Aspaker, discuss the importance of blue growth and ocean governance. Mr Vella is meeting with Ms Aspaker in Norway today to further strengthen the strategic fisheries relations between EU and Norway.

  • A commercial fishing haul in the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati. Credit: AusAID/CC BY 2.0

    Pacific Islands encouraged to increase use of FADs


    Pacific Island countries are being encouraged to increase the use of fish aggregating devices (FADs) to improve the supply of fish in the region, reports David Hayes.

  • Great white shark. Credit: under Public Domain



    The recent reports from the U.S. East Coast and from Australia on the dramatic increase in shark attacks on people have generated this column.

  • Trawler fishing for krill in the South Antarctic

    China set to make the most of krill


    Andrew Martin reports on China’s presence in the krill fishery and its plans for development.

  • The Maine scallop fishery has become a hard industry to earn a living in. Credit:

    Easy prey? Not anymore


    Fishermen, especially the small-scale ones, represent easy prey for groups driven and financed by powerful interests, who blame them for damaging the marine environment, whether or not that is actually happening.