Greener Fishing


A word from the editor…

As an industry, commercial fishing has made a great deal of progress in recent years with regards to ensuring good practice and sustainability. This has been achieved in the face of some cruel headwinds, with fishers and related businesses facing difficulties on many levels.

Such endeavours are the focus of this latest World Fishing & Aquaculture Special Report, which explores initiatives that are reshaping the fishing industry and elevating its green credentials in the process – everything from by-catch mitigation to new vessel designs.

More innovative fishing practices will be central to the long-term increase in global seafood production. Because fisheries are finite resources, it’s crucial we improve the utilisation of the harvests we have, and also that we ensure recovering stocks can continue to bounce back.

As we put these Greener Fishing pages together, it was clear to the WF team that all over the world, a growing number of stakeholders are looking at potential solutions to ensure fishing remains part of a robust and sustainable food system. It was also apparent there’s going to be much more for us to share in future reports, so please continue to watch this space.

- Jason Holland, Editor, World Fishing & Aquaculture

WF Special Report Image