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  • Loran

    Hydrogen for new longliner


    Plans drawn up for a fishing vessel capable of running with fossil fuel consumption reduced by 40%

  • Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

    Tuna longline sustainability


    A new online tool providing a visual evaluation of methods to reduce wildlife bycatch in tuna longline fisheries has been launched

  • Morgere.Osprey

    Small trawl door solutions


    Morgère believes its range of smaller doors are well suited to UK and Irish fisheries

  • Selsey9967

    Maritime Systems equips English fishers with I-VMS


    Maritime Systems has released a new inshore vessel monitoring system (I-VMS) in response to new regulation coming in next year requiring all English-registered fishing vessels under 12 metres to be fitted with such a device.

  • The Mørenot Austevoll team who made Slaaterøy’s record-breaking purse seine. Photo: Mørenot

    Purse seine’s record catch


    A purse seine for Norwegian pelagic vessel Slaaterøy has broken a few records, with trips of as much as 2230 tonnes of herring in just three shots.

  • NFWF.EMR_hero

    NFWF pledges funding to drive electronic monitoring and data management


    The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have granted US$3.7 million to help implement electronic technology solutions and modernise data management systems for fisheries in US waters

  • Mørenot has ventured into the market for longline hardware with a compete system of electric deck equipment, including a hauler and rotobrush, hook splitter and baiting machine

    Mørenot’s one-stop shop for longline gear


    By moving squarely into the market for longline deck hardware, Mørenot has placed itself as a complete supplier

  • NOAA.winter-flounder-alex-shure-CC4-0-NEFSC

    Net survey to increase catch volumes


    Research conducted by NOAA Fisheries has shown that increasing the wing spread of a net can help increase the volume of catch

  • Vónin introduces smart trawl door technology

    Vónin introduces smart trawl door technology


    Pelagic vessels Høgaberg and Tróndur í Gøtu have been putting the new Twister trawl doors developed by Vónin through their paces for the last few months.

  • Morgère’s new facility open for business

    Morgère’s new facility open for business


    After having been based at the heart of the port of Saint-Malo in Brittany since 1902, French trawl door manufacturer Morgère has made the move out of the city to a purpose-built manufacturing facility in nearby Miniac-Morvan.

  • Longline hardware goes electric

    Longline hardware goes electric


    There has already been plenty of interest in new electric longline systems, even with the new equipment is still in its trial phase on board some of the most successful Norwegian longliners.

  • Thyborøn take door technology to a new level

    Thyborøn take door technology to a new level


    The Bluestream Type 22 trawl doors introduced by Thyborøn Trawldoor four years ago have been highly successful, but now the company has pushed development even further, while also preparing for full door control of the doors in the water.

  • Fiskevegn appoints new CEO

    Fiskevegn appoints new CEO


    Magne Fure is taking on the role of managing director at AS Fiskevegn.

  • JSC Okeanrybflot chooses Ibercisa deck setup

    JSC Okeanrybflot chooses Ibercisa deck setup


    Ibercisa Deck Machinery is supplying the deck hardware for JSC Okeanrybflot’s new trawler under construction at Tersan.

  • Pelagic catcher’s long-life synthetic warps

    Pelagic catcher’s long-life synthetic warps


    The owners of Faroese pelagic vessel Finnur Friði, Gøta-based fishing and processing company Varðin, were early adopters when it came to synthetic trawl warps.

  • Seabird saver contender for Inventor Award

    Seabird saver contender for Inventor Award


    The European Patent Office (EPO) has announced that British brothers Ben and Pete Kibel have been nominated as finalists in the SMEs category of the European Inventor Award 2021 for their invention of a simple, low-cost device that prevents the accidental deaths of seabirds during longline fishing.

  • Transponder tags fishing gear

    Transponder tags fishing gear


    When Ocean Space Acoustics (OSAC), based in Norway, set about looking for a solution to the increasingly high profile issue of lost fishing gear, they collaborated with research institute SINTEF.

  • Easy polyamide separation

    Easy polyamide separation


    A mobile near-infrared spectroscopy system developed by German company trinamiX supports the reliable differentiation between polyamide 6 (PA6) and polyamide 6.6 (PA66).

  • New net loft’s first purse seine repair job

    New net loft’s first purse seine repair job


    Norwegian pelagic vessel Rav docked in Norðfjörður on Monday last week, with a badly damaged capelin purse seine. The gear had been damaged while shooting away, catching on a walkway above the net bin. The skipper and crew immediately saw that this would be a major repair job and that ...

  • Trawl doors from recycled plastic

    Trawl doors from recycled plastic


    Trawl door producer Polar Fishing Gear is taking a step to one side from the conventional steel doors to produce both demersal and pelagic trawl doors using recycled plastic.