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  • atlanticsapphire

    Skretting and Atlantic Sapphire team up on local feed facility


    Skretting is to construct a feed plant in Florida for land-based salmon to serve Atlantic Sapphire’s US operations with feeds specialised for Bluehouse farming.

  • anne_mette

    IFFO affirms value chain in tackling challenges


    The Marine Ingredients Organisation (IFFO) has held its latest webinar bringing together industry experts to discuss market trends, nutrition, fish health, sustainability and climate change.

  • Dibaq has become the first company in continental Europe to attain BAP Photo: Dibaq

    Dibaq feed mill lands BAP certification


    The Spanish animal nutrition company Dibaq Group has become the first in continental Europe to attain the Global Seafood Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification for one of its feed mills.

  • Skretting's new Sustainability Manager

    Skretting's new Sustainability Manager


    Skretting has announced the appointment of Jorge Diaz as Sustainability Manager. This is a dynamic role that supports the company’s top-priority sustainability agenda, and which also complements the roll-out of Nutreco’s Sustainability Roadmap 2025 with its three pillars of Health & Welfare, Climate & Circularity and Good Citizenship. 

  • contract signing

    Halibut feed contract


    The world’s largest producer of farmed halibut has signed a six-year feed contract with Aller Aqua.

  • Skirting a bottleneck

    Skirting a bottleneck


    Aquaculture needs to overcome the potential growth limiting issue of feed ingredient constraints if it’s to fulfil its long-term potential

  • Greener feed for Norwegian salmon

    Greener feed for Norwegian salmon


    New research has found that using certified Europe soya in aquaculture feed could dramatically reduce CO2 emissions for the Norwegian salmon farming sector

  • Spelve farm manager, Alan Tangny Photo: Scottish Sea Farms

    Hybrid powered feed barge ‘fantastic’


    Scottish Sea Farms is piloting a bespoke hybrid power system on board one of its feed barges, reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions and operating costs.

  • Carnivorous fish can be fed a diet containing no fish meal or fish oil Photo: Doug Perrine/SeaPics.com

    No fish oil or meal in farmed fish diet


    Researchers in Hawaii have made a breakthrough in the quest to develop a cost-effective, fish-free feed for farm-raised Kampachi, or almaco jack, a carnivorous marine fish.

  • Grasshoppers and crickets: protein for salmon

    Grasshoppers and crickets – protein for salmon


    Based in Norway, Salmon Group and Metapod are trialling a new, locally produced feed for salmon made from grasshoppers and crickets

  • Representatives of SEAFDEC/AQD and PAFC tour a pilot-scale feed mill Photo: RD Dianala

    Covid-19: Farmers seek help with feed costs


    Members of the Panay Aqua Farmers Cooperative (PAFC) have visited the Aquaculture Department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC/AQD) accompanied by Remia Aparri of the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources 6 (BFAR-6) to find ways to soften the impact of Covid-19 on the aquaculture industry in ...

  • Aiming for aquafeed self-sufficiency

    Aiming for aquafeed self-sufficiency


    Russia is set to ramp up aquafeed production nearly tenfold to 525,000 tonnes by 2030 to make fish farmers less dependent on imports

  • Calysseo will open its first Feedkind production facility in Changshou Photo: Calysseo

    Aquafeed production plant opens in Chongqing


    The first commercial-scale plant in the world fully-funded through the Calysseo joint-venture between Adisseo and Calysta will be built in Chongqing’s Changshou district, an important milestone for the Feedkind project.

  • Ruud Peerbooms Photo: Corbion

    Corbion expands algae feed team


    Corbion has made three new appointments to its Algae Ingredients team, increasing the impact of the company”s omega-3 algae feed ingredient, AlgaPrime DHA.

  • Aller Aqua

    New feed concept promotes growth and survival


    Aller Aqua has launched a new feed concept incorporating a series of aquafeeds based on a blend of ingredients that promote growth and survival in fish as well as disease resistance and prevention.

  • Hopes are increasing for an effective vaccine against sea lice Photo: SAIC

    Hopes of in-feed vaccine for sea lice


    A team of Scottish and international aquaculture experts is developing an oral vaccine for sea lice, helping the industry to tackle one of the biggest threats to the health and welfare of farmed Atlantic salmon.

  • Microalgae: Sustainable Aquaculture to Feed The World

    Sustainable aquaculture to feed the world


    Microalgae-based feeds could avoid depleting the wild fish that farmed seafood consumes, steering aquaculture in a new direction

  • Pioneering Tech to Improve Artemia Production

    Pioneering tech to improve Artemia production


    INVE Aquaculture’s latest technologies aim to further improve the production of Artemia cysts and maintain product quality

  • Feed Optimisation Through Digitalisation

    Feed optimisation through digitalisation


    Over the last few decades, IT has advanced significantly, with profound impacts on industries including aquaculture

  • Sustainable feed for Nile tilapia

    Sustainable feed for Nile tilapia


    Despite significant progress over the years, aquaculture still poses concerns, such as over-reliance on wild fish and terrestrial plants such as soy. Now a US team of scientists has created an alternative feed for Nile tilapia using a marine microalga co-product