​Kroma A/S GUTMASTER X sophisticated machine for Atlantic salmon and salmon trout with focus on hygiene

Those who keep an eye on the latest aqua industry equipment development can tremble with joy because long-awaiting GUTMASTER X for Atlantic salmon and salmon trout is out from extensive trials.

It is not a secret that all types of gutting machines supposed to cut, gut, and clean fish with flawless result.


As Kroma A/S CEO, Ivan Kristensen said:

We revolutionized the GUTMASTER X design to the extent that it can do multiple of completely different commands impeccably and simply by a click of a button at the machines display”.


First and foremost, GUTMASTER X detects individual fish size right after it arrives at the machine. This machine does all cuts according to the measurements taken at the first step of the fish processing procedure. Next, the machine will proceed to a specially designed technique of cutting fish, leaving head and tail untouched. Afterwards, a gentle suction unit will remove waste and blood from the fish. It must be stressed that Kroma A/S suction unit provides a double cleaning of the fish, which insures superiority in its quality during the inspection.

GUTMASTER X is the only gutting machine with an integrated water hose attached to the suction unit, that removes both guts and the whole bloodline from the fish within a second of work, providing excellent result” added Mr. Ivan Kristensen.

Kroma A/S highlights its strong focus on hygiene. Hence, GUTMASTER X is not only designed in such a way that all the inside components can be easily washed from all the angles or de-mounted with a quick-release system for the disinfection purposes. Also, some of the tools can be even washed in a dishwasher machine.

GUTMASTER X can be upgraded with multiple accessories. One of which is VISIOMASTER. This option provides an inspection of the processed fish and determine whether it requires manual inspection or can further continue to the next step of the processing line. Other options, such as CIP and cleaning mode systems make sure that GUTMASTER X is being cleaned several times in between the gutting process. With those two options, effortless manual cleaning of the GUTMASTER X machine guaranteed with spotless result. However, the most exciting accessory is the Remote Access Supervision, that allows service technician from Kroma A/S access into the gutting machine from whatever part of the world the machine is stationed. The only condition required is the availability of the internet connection. In such a way, Kroma A/S can check and control all electrical functions of the gutting machine at the customer fish processing site.

To sum up, Kroma A/S produced an innovative design of the GUTMASTER X machine, that is uncomplicated in use with the future standards for hygiene and provides an excellent result for the fish processing plant benefits.

Kroma A/S invites you to visit and test GUTMASTER X machine with the type of the fish relevant for your production, either at their facility or your fish processing site.


Contact Kroma A/S via www.kroma.dk , LinkedIn or Facebook.