Land-based Aquaculture Technology


A word from the editor…

There’s phenomenal global interest and equally unprecedented levels of investment now being made in the land-based production of seafood, and this latest Special Report from World Fishing & Aquaculture explores that exciting landscape.

The commercial farming of fish and other aquatic species in intensive, closed containment facilities is a concept that’s been around for several years, but what’s different today is the ventures in the spotlight are sophisticated, high-tech food production systems. Underpinning this considerable momentum is the soaring global demand for these products and the sector’s ability to align with consumer expectations.

As such, a lot of eyes have become firmly fixed on these new farming technologies and the many services and solutions that surround the space. Indeed, the number of land-based projects coming onstream and joining the waiting wings is increasing on an almost daily basis, with the latest production methods being applied to an ever-widening number of commercially important species and geographies.

All the expert insights and visions contained in these articles point to a blindingly-bright future for land-based aquaculture – reaffirming the expectation that it’s on course to be a central component of sustainable food systems.

- Jason Holland, Editor, World Fishing & Aquaculture