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A Special Report on

By-product solutions – cutting waste and maximising value

It’s conservatively estimated there’s 10 million tonnes of by-products generated in the seafood industry, and there’s a growing understanding that you can’t just focus on fillets and then throw away 60% of the fish – it’s not sustainable and it’s not good business. Thanks to entrepreneurship and new processing technologies, there’s a vast number of products (food and non-food) that can be made from these raw materials, with more lucrative opportunities opening up all the time.

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This first report will be published in World Fishing & Aquaculture magazine December 2022/January 2023 issue. The editorial content will be highlighting the successes achieved with new products created using fish skins, such as marine collagen, dog treats and ‘leather’, as well insights from key guest writers about the challenges and opportunities in minimising waste and optimising the value of the raw materials.

This provides an ideal platform for fish processing equipment manufacturers to showcase their latest solutions and equipment for use in by-product applications.

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