By-Product Solutions


A word from the editor…

Welcome to the first of WF’s new Special Reports. Entitled ‘By-Product Solutions – Cutting Waste and Maximising Value’, it explores the world of so-called “fish waste” and shows there’s no end to the practical, problem-solving uses of the seafood materials that we – as humans – don’t directly consume.

There’s a growing realisation that to just focus on prime cuts and discard or dramatically downcycle the remaining raw materials is not sustainable and it’s not good business. Consequently, an increasing number of commercial ventures today are not only considering what can be done with the remaining raw materials so that they don’t enter landfill, they’re seeking ways to establish more lucrative revenue streams from them.

Looking ahead, the next Special Report, coming in April 2023, will focus on ‘Smart, Connected Seafood Processing’ and those emerging technologies and systems that can help to scale-up productivity and efficiency. Collectively, the aim of these narratives is to further evidence the seafood economy, with all of its component sectors, leaders and innovators, is moving in the right direction – prioritising sustainability, responsibility and business best-practice.

- Jason Holland, Editor, World Fishing & Aquaculture

WF Special Report Dec22