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  • (l-r) Beeyoh Amphanniyom, president of Ban Na Thap Women’s Group Seafood Processing, Peter Galli, global director of corporate communication at Thai Union and Bunjong Nasae, advisor of Thai Sea Watch Association Photo: Thai Union

    Thai Union signs coastal community MoU


    Thai Union has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with two community groups in Songkhla in southern Thailand to provide them with a solar-powered fish-house dryer that will double the amount of fish they can sell.

  • South Africa’s hake trawl fishery supports around 27,000 jobs Photo: MSC

    SA hake celebrates MSC renewal


    South Africa’s hake trawl fishery is celebrating 16 years of Marine Stewardship Council certification following the announcement of its fourth successful assessment on 12th February 2021.

  • IUU fishing costs the seafood industry between US$10bn and US$36.4bn each year Photo: NOAA

    Nowhere to catch, nowhere to land


    Five industry stakeholders are calling for urgent action to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, a practice which costs the seafood sector up to US$36.4 billion annually.

  • Investing in the North American market

    Investing in the North American market


    As Royal Greenland continues to invest in resources in Canada, Chile, and beyond, the company also continues to invest in its sales and marketing capabilities in the North American market.

  • Managing the density of crab and lobster pots is crucial to sustainability Photo: University of Plymouth

    Pot density crucial for sustainability


    Managing crab and lobster catches could offer long-term benefits to fishermen and the environment and make the industry more sustainable, according to a new study.

  • Creating conditions for fleet renewal

    Creating conditions for fleet renewal


    The Russian government plans to create conditions for the renewal of the domestic fishing fleet in coming years with a further increase in domestic catches, according to recent statements by representatives of senior state officials, reports Eugene Gerden.

  • Cormac Burke is chair of the newly formed IFSA Photo: IFSA

    New voice for Ireland's fishing industry


    A new organisation has been formed to represent the needs of Irish fishing and coastal communities following the ‘catastrophic’ effect of Brexit.

  • The Dutch Postcode Lottery is supporting MSC for a further three years Photo: MSC

    Dutch Postcode Lottery commits to MSC funding


    The Dutch Postcode Lottery has pledged an annual sum of €500,000 to support the Marine Stewardship Council for a further three years.

  • Encouraging UK consumers to eat domestic species will help the fishing industry Photo: James Strawbridge

    Cornwall puts UK fish on the table


    Fish lovers across the UK are being encouraged to explore lesser known species such as Cornish sole, known as megrim sole, and Cornish King crab, known as spider crab.

  • Panama commits to zero tolerance on IUU

    Panama commits to zero tolerance on IUU


    Panama ratified its commitment to a zero-tolerance policy on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) during the XXXIV session of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ (FAO) Committee on Fisheries (COFI), where related issues and challenges linked to fishing and aquaculture were also discussed.

  • Working groups from the GFCM have met to discuss stock levels in the Mediterranean Photo: GFCM

    Determining stock levels in the Med


    More than 80 experts from 15 countries have come together to obtain the most up-to-date picture of the status of the stocks in the Mediterranean.

  • Thai Union, After Yum and SEALECT have produced a tuna salad in a can Photo: Thai Union

    Thai Union’s new spicy tuna is Yum


    Thai Union, said to be the world’s largest processor of canned tuna, has partnered with one of Thailand’s most famous restaurants, After Yum, to launch a DIY spicy tuna salad in a can.

  • Europêche is broadly in support of amendments to new rules governing fishing in the bloc Photo: Europêche

    EU fishing sector welcomes rules revision


    The European Parliament Committee on Fisheries has voted on more than a thousand amendments to a new set of rules designed to revise the Union Fisheries Control System.

  • Support for hard-hit Scottish businesses??

    Support for hard-hit Scottish businesses


    A new £7.75 million funding package will offer support to fishermen, seafood businesses and ports and harbours in Scotland hit by the ongoing effects of Covid-19 and Brexit. The measures announced by the Scottish Government have been welcomed.

  • Sanford operations

    New Sanford CEO starts in April


    Sanford’s new CEO, Peter Reidie, will begin his tenure on 6 April with the aim of guiding the company through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and targeting sustainable growth.

  • First 6-12 mile zone licences issued

    First 6-12 mile zone licences issued


    It was only at the end of January that the European Commission confirmed that the first 59 licences for French fishing vessels to operate in the UK 6-12-mile zone were ready to be allocated.

  • Brixham takes a Brexit hit

    Brixham takes a Brexit hit


    Brixham is home to the largest and most progressive auction in England, where the catch quality and the recently installed Kosmos clock system have attracted a growing number of European buyers – and shipping seafood to Europe is crucial.

  • MMO launches English MPA consultation

    MMO launches English MPA consultation


    The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is launching formal consultation on four of England’s 40 offshore Marine Protected Areas.

  • Eight one-by-one tuna fisheries in Indonesia have been MSC-certified Photo: IPNLF

    MSC label for Indonesian tuna fisheries


    The International Pole and Line Federation (IPNLF) and Asosiasi Perikanan Pole & Line and Handline Indonesia (AP2HI) have praised the efforts of eight Indonesian one-by-one tuna fisheries which have been awarded Marine Stewardship Council certification.

  • The RFC is supplying pollock fillet to China and Japan Photo: RFC

    New markets for deep-processed products


    The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has begun supplying pollock fillet to the markets of China and Japan.