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    Results from longlining research project

    2009-11-01T12:00:00Z is a programme of research and development that ensures continuous improvements in longline fishing technology.

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    Two new products from World Plastics


    World Plastics introduced two new products for swordfish and tuna longline fishermen at WFE.

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    New Dynamica ropes


    Danish company Netmark A/S supplies twisted and braided TURBO nylon netting, polyester and Dyneema® netting with single and double knots for trawls, purse seines and aquaculture.

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    Cosmos ready for DanFish 2009


    At Danfish, Cosmos will be presenting the latest developments in the Hampidjan Group’s Self-Spreading Helix trawls; latest updates and feedback from the Dynex Warps; and the latest developments of Poly-Ice Xstream trawl doors.

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    Rapidly developing company


    Weihai Yinqiu Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd was established in 1984.It is one of the earliest fishing tackle production enterprises in China and one of the biggest production bases of fishing floats in Asia.

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    Turkey's most modern netting factory


    Tunanets was established in 2004 and after the completion of the company''s machinery assembly and trial production, serial production started in 2005. Now Tunanets employs 60 qualified workers.

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    Nets for many applications


    Tufropes is an ISO 9001:2000 certified organisation that manufactures synthetic ropes and nets for various applications such as fishing, aquaculture, shipping, sports and industrial use.

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    Nets and twines


    Tecnored produces a wide range of nets and twines in both knotted and knotless constructions for the industrial fishing and fish farming industries.

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    Net and rope from FISA


    Fibras Industriales S.A. is the largest multi-filament fishing net and rope manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere. Products include:

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    Worldwide fishing group


    Established in 1987, today Fortuna is a major diversified fishing group with worldwide activity in the harvesting, processing and marketing of seafood.

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    Ropes and twines on display


    Cordex will be showing its Aquacord line at WFE in Vigo, as part of its wide range of high performance synthetic ropes and twines for application in the fishing and aquaculture industries.

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    Range of nets from Badinotti


    Badinotti is a family company, established in 1910, dedicated to the production of synthetic fibre nets which are used globally in a wide range of markets such as aquaculture, commercial fishing, safety and sport.

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    Wires supplied to Veronica


    Drahtseilwerk GmbH, based in Bremerhaven, Germany, supplied the wire ropes to Irish trawler Veronica earlier this year.

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    Danish invention has major potential in plastic recycling


    A Danish company in Jutland, Frandsen WSC, has invented a method to separate various types of plastic so they can be recycled instead of combusted.

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    GeoEye releases of OrbMap 7 software


    GeoEye, Inc., a provider of satellite and aerial-based geospatial information, has released the OrbMap 7 software, featuring three dimensional views of oceanographic maps.

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    Hooked on Vónin grid


    One of the largest and most modern shrimp trawlers in Canadian waters is the "Mersey Phoenix" owned by Mersey Seafoods Ltd.

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    Spend more days working with new internal gyro


    Poor seas can unfortunately lead to lost days on the water for commercial and fishing crews.

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    Trial shows environmental benefits of Aquatice® bait attractants


    Kiotech has reported a successful fishing trial using its Aquatice® pheromone bait attractant.

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    Major longlining project


    At Norshipping in June Mustad Longline and Havyard their cooperation in a project designed to revolutionise longline fishing on a global scale. The two companies will now work together on the development and construction of fully integrated, tailor-made vessels that they say will set a new standard for all future ...

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    Seabird tracking to reducing longline bycatch


    BirdLife''s Global Seabird Programme is supporting a series of satellite tracking projects to minimise the amount of seabirds caught on longlines.