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  • Scientists are developing the potential of wrasse as a cleaner fish. Credit: Andrew Denham

    Sea lice solution


    Bryan Gibson looks at a possible solution to the issue of sea lice infestation.

  • Libby Woodhatch, head of advocacy at Seafish, told WSC 2015 delegates that labour and human rights abuse extends far beyond Thai waters

    Lessons learned from Thailand


    Ethics and social responsibility in the seafood supply chain dominated discussions at the World Seafood Congress 2015. Jason Holland reports.

  • Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Elisabeth Aspaker, and European Commissioner, Karmenu Vella. © European Union

    Promoting sustainable blue growth for future generations


    In an exclusive article for World Fishing & Aquaculture, European Commissioner, Karmenu Vella and Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Elisabeth Aspaker, discuss the importance of blue growth and ocean governance. Mr Vella is meeting with Ms Aspaker in Norway today to further strengthen the strategic fisheries relations between EU and Norway.

  • A commercial fishing haul in the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati. Credit: AusAID/CC BY 2.0

    Pacific Islands encouraged to increase use of FADs


    Pacific Island countries are being encouraged to increase the use of fish aggregating devices (FADs) to improve the supply of fish in the region, reports David Hayes.

  • Trawler fishing for krill in the South Antarctic

    China set to make the most of krill


    Andrew Martin reports on China’s presence in the krill fishery and its plans for development.

  • News

    Clever seals outsmarting fishermen


    Bryan Gibson looks at the problems that seals can cause for fishermen and fish farmers.

  • Modern technology is ensuring fishing fleets around the world are as efficient as possible

    A more efficient and effective future


    Adrian Tatum reports in the importance of efficient and effective fishing.

  • The revised CFP still presents a huge challenge to fishing communities around Europe

    Implementing the CFP


    Adrian Tatum reports on the implementation of the CFP, over a year on from its conception.

  • Fishing for Litter at Newlyn Harbour, UK

    Positive signs in campaign to reduce ocean litter


    Good progress is being made in reducing the amount of ocean litter caused by the marine industry, including the commercial fishing industry, writes Bryan Gibson.

  • GAA believes shrimp aquaculture could double to reach 8 million tonnes per year by 2020. Source: GAA

    Lessons learned in the fight against EMS


    The widespread shrimp disease continues to be a multi-billion dollar problem, but there is reason for rising optimism, writes Jason Holland.

  • Tharos at sea trial - raw fresh krill arriving to the pilot plant

    Producing krill oil at sea improves quality and saves costs


    Andrew Martin looks into the benefits of producing krill oil at sea.

  • Peter Bruce, skipper of the Peterhead-based whitefish trawler ‘Budding Rose’, is signed up to the RFS

    Filling the void


    From next summer, a comprehensive overhaul to Seafish’s Responsible Fishing Scheme will extend beyond the quayside with the inclusion of chain of custody for both traceability and quality, writes Jason Holland.

  • Thailand is considered a major source and transit area for slavery. Credit:

    Slavery in fishing


    The Thailand prawn farming industry has recently received much negative publicity due to its alleged involvement in fishing slavery, reports Bryan Gibson.

  • The first of HB Grandi’s two new pelagic vessels. Credit:HB Grandi/Thórarinn Sigurbjörnsson

    The pressure increases onboard


    As the demand for fresher fish increases the race to get it to shore in the best possible condition, onboard processing is becoming an even more important factor in the process, as Adrian Tatum reports.

  • Krill oil supplements are widely available in stores

    Controversial krill


    Bryan Gibson reports on the topic of krill fishing and asks if krill can be sustainably fished…or if stocks should just be left alone.

  • Branding fresh farmed salmon is nothing new. Credit: SSPO

    Presentation is key to packaging


    There have been recent comments about the branding of fresh farmed salmon in order to make it stand out as a premium product and therefore attract customers.

  • Some progress has already been made under the new CFP. Credit: Feliciano Guimarães/CC BY 2.0

    Can politics win over reality?


    As the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) becomes law, Adrian Tatum considers the key changes and looks at what else needs to be done.

  • Sorting pelagic fish at a factory

    Europe’s mackerel war wanes


    The new three-party agreement on mackerel share allocations puts the north-east Atlantic pelagic industry on a much more sustainable footing, writes Jason Holland.

  • This month sees the start of the seafood processing exhibition season

    Seafood processing exhibition season gets underway


    This month sees the start of the all-species seafood processing exhibition season with Seafood Processing North America opening its doors in Boston on the east coast of the USA from 16-18 March.

  • In depth NOAA fisheries science and management programme has led to the recovery of some major fisheries in the US. Picture courtesy of NOAA

    Why monitoring makes sense


    How has the combination of sound fisheries science and management programmes led to the recovery of some fisheries? Adrian Tatum reports.