By-Product Solutions


A word from the editor…

Welcome to WF’s first Special Report of 2024 and a timely return to the topic of ‘By-Product Solutions – Cutting Waste and Maximising Value’. While noting there’s about 10 million tonnes of resources wasted annually from wild-capture fisheries alone, the report shows there’s no limit to the uses for those seafood materials that we don’t directly consume.

In putting these pages together, it’s been very encouraging to learn that the 100% fish/zero-waste mindset continues to spread throughout the world, and my particularly thanks goes to the Iceland Ocean Cluster and the Great Lakes St Lawrence Governors & Premiers for sharing their strategies with us. They and others confirmed the prioritisation of sustainability, environmental and social responsibility and best-practice is enabling various ventures to generate less waste and achieve more value.

Our hope is that from these insights, many more companies up and down the value chain and across the entire seafood economy will start to identify the ways that they’re generating unnecessary waste and then set impact-reducing targets. With that 100% fish mentality onboard, they too can start eradicating operational inefficiencies and tapping into the many positive benefits of by-product utilisation.

- Jason Holland, Editor, World Fishing & Aquaculture