Fishing Gear – Page 11

  • The SuperHauler H3200

    Mustad’s latest line hauler


    Mustad Longline has released a new hauling solution - the SuperHauler H3200, which replaces the H3000.

  • Spanish trawler María dels Angels

    Case study: María dels Angels doubles catches


    Spanish trawler María dels Angels has been using Notus’s trawl monitoring system over the last two years and has learned a lot about his gear and how to double catch rates in some areas.

  • Test lab technician John Allen at work at the new facility

    New fishing rope development centre opens


    Rope manufacturer Bridon has invested £5m in the recently-launched Bridon Technology Centre (BTC), built for the development of fishing ropes.

  • Chile's seamounts are home to abundant coral reefs and marine life Photo: Oceana/Eduardo Sorenson

    New Chilean fisheries laws


    Chile has established a set of new fisheries laws protecting underwater sea mountains, limiting bycatch and setting science based quotas, protecting 150,000km² of marine habitat.

  • Bridon Neptune Quay

    Industry gathers at launch of rope factory


    Industry leaders from companies including Heerema, NOV, and Certex assembled in Northern England at the end of November to watch UK business minister Michael Fallon open a facility that will manufacture the world’s largest ropes.


    MARELEC presents new trawl control


    Belgian company MARELEC is presenting its latest trawl control system, MARELEC D.

  • The first Notus system

    Notus celebrates 20th anniversary


    Incorporated in Newfoundland in 1992 by Brad Henderson, Notus Electronics Ltd is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

  • Winch installed onboard the Kodiak Enterprise

    Ibecisa delivers winches to Trident Seafoods


    Ibercisa has delivered two winches to North American company Trident Seafoods for installation onboard the Kodiak Enterprise.

  • Electronic fishing with MARELEC’s HV1

    Hovercran helps reduce bycatch


    In cooperation with the Belgian Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), MARELEC has successfully designed and installed its HV1 ‘Hovercran’ electronic fishing gear on multiple shrimp beam trawlers.

  • Afognak Strait. Credit: Fred Wahl Marine Construction, Inc

    New ‘Afognak Strait’ longliner for Alaska


    Kevin O’Leary and his vessel partner, Walter Sargent, have taken delivery of their new longliner.

  • Technicold’s 10 ton chiller rack

    Technicold selected for longliner


    Technicold by Northern Lights has been selected to supply the cooling and heating system on the environmentally friendly longliner Northern Leader.

  • Plateena ropes made with Dyneema® from Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd

    Indian vessel saved by rope made with Dyneema®


    Indian company Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd, a household name in the Indian fishing community through its close bond with fishermen, has recently introduced Plateena rope, produced with Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™.

  • News

    WireCo acquires Lankhorst Euronete


    WireCo WorldGroup Inc, producer of wire rope, electromechanical cable and wire products, has completed the acquisition of Koninklijke (Royal) Lankhorst Euronete Group B.V.

  • Nofima scientists say that cod trawlers can increase catch value by more than NOK200m per year. © Nergård AS

    Better quality can increase incomes


    Cod trawlers can increase catch value by more than NOK200m per year if the price difference between autoline and trawled fish caught at sea fish is halved, and new technology onboard trawlers can contribute to achieving this.

  • Sustainable trawling has bottom line advantages

    Low-flying doors save fuel


    The low-flying 15 VFB trawl door from Thyborøn Trawldoor has been thoroughly tested for bottom trawling onboard the Nueve Joven Josefina of Minorca.

  • News

    New prawn trawls to reduce discards


    Scottish prawn fishermen have developed and introduced a number of innovative trawl designs that have cut unwanted fish bycatch by around 70% in sea-going trials.

  • Dr Ulrich Schwarz, creator of the D-San formula

    DIS Cloud provides a safer and cleaner production environment


    Following several years of great performance and results, DIS is presenting the DIS Cloud cleaning system and the D-SAN disinfection product to the Norwegian market.

  • The Thyborøn trawl door, with a distance sensor and a pitch, roll and height sensor underneath, while testing environmentally safer trawling methods in the North Sea

    Scientific research for sustainable trawl doors


    Low water fishing for sand eel in the North Sea has been put in the spotlight by Danish scientists in order to sedure the future of both the fish stock and the fishing industry.

  • A Canadian swordfish longline fishery has been awarded MSC certification, and a US North Atlantic fishery has been entered into assessment. Credit: Maria Honig, WWF Responsible Fisheries Programme/Marine Photobank

    Longline fisheries go for certification


    The North West Atlantic Canada swordfish pelagic longline fishery has been awarded Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, and the US North Atlantic swordfish longline and buoy gear fishery has been entered into assessment.

  • Drawing of Novacavi’s new composite tow cable

    Novacavi’s new tow cable


    Novacavi has recently developed a bespoke composite tow cable, with a special heavy armour and breaking strength higher than 1000kN, to be used in sea fishing systems for flatfish.