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    New portable VHF radio series


    Thrane & Thrane is launching the first three products of the SAILOR SP3500 series.

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    VMS type-approved for US fisheries


    Faria WatchDog®, Inc., has announced that its Iridium-based vessel monitoring system (VMS) has been type approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for installation on commercial fishing vessels in US waters.

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    Predicting future catch rates with Olfish-2007


    The recently-launched Olfish-2007 electronic logbook system (see World Fishing February 2007) comprises two elements that manufacturer Olrac claims may well be the first of their kind – the Fishing Consultant and the Fleet Activity Optimiser.

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    Marport introduces next generation catch sensor


    Marport has announced its next generation Catch Sensor. The sensor combines radical new design elements with innovative technology.

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    Two new Navitron Autopilot models to make debut at Fishing 2007


    Purpose developed for small professional vessel use across the workboat, pilot, patrol craft and fishing vessel sector to 25m LOA, the NT777 model is the first of a new digital Autopilot generation designed and manufactured by Navitron Systems Ltd.

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    Naudeq ready for worldwide market


    Naudeq develops high-tech systems and turnkey solutions for at-sea professionals.

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    New Multi-Function Door Angle Sensor


    Marport has announced the commercial release of its new Multi-Function Door Angle Sensor this month.

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    Boeing buys C-Map


    The Boeing Company recently announced it has concluded its purchase of C-Map, a leading provider of digital maritime cartography, data services and other navigational information.

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    Simrad SP90 software upgrade


    The popular Simrad SP90 fish finding sonar has been upgraded. A new software package offering new functionality is available from Simrad dealers around the world.

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    New GPS-DGPS sensors


    SAM Electronics has introduced two high-precision R4 GPS and Differential GPS sensors designed for worldwide navigation aboard vessels of all types and sizes as well as delineation of fishing grounds and support of hydrographic surveying operations.

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    Redfish tagging cruise


    The Marine Research Institute (MRI) of Iceland recently conducted a redfish tagging cruise using Underwater Tagging Equipment (UTE) from Star-Oddi.

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    Sonartron electronics for “Sanmar II”


    Sonartron Limited has provided the full electronic equipment package to Irishman Patrick Friel’s latest vessel, the “Sanmar II”, making this latest edition to the inshore fleet the most technically advanced crabber built.

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    “With SEVSAT we are connected all the time”


    Willum Anderson, chief engineer on the “Huginn VE-55”, a 68m Icelandic fishing vessel which used to be out of range 95% of the time, says that SEVSAT gives them internet and telephone access on fishing grounds far away from shore.

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    New Olfish-2007


    Olrac, the company that developed Olfish, the software for the collection, management and reporting of commercial fishing data, launched the new version of its software, Olfish-2007 in January 2007.

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    Marport announces Software Defined Acoustics Platform


    Next-generation trawl monitoring solutions will require a software defined architecture that supports multiple signalling protocols, is interoperable with competitor products, and provides flexible, reconfigurable functions – all while operating on fixed hardware, according to Marport.

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    IFREMER approves first Simrad ME70


    Following a series of extensive tests IFREMER (French Marine Institute) has accepted and approved the Simrad ME70 scientific multibeam echo sounder onboard the research ship “Thalassa”.

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    Data logger found at the bottom of the Atlantic – in full working condition


    A Tinytag data logger, manufactured by Gemini, has been found in full working condition, a year and a half after it was lost in the Atlantic Ocean.

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    Transas supplies two simulators for fishing schools in Indonesia


    Transas distributor PT Multi Integra has announced the supply of a simulator with fishing functionality for Ambon Fishing School and another simulator for Dumai Fishing School, both in Indonesia.

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    Vessels to be monitored by satellite


    The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) will expand satellite monitoring to all Commonwealth licensed fishing vessels as part of new measures to ensure the sustainability of Commonwealth fisheries.

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    Track your fishing assets


    MDS-OrbBuoyTM is the new buoy recently launched by SeaStar.