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    The Faroe Islands revisited


    Last July I had the pleasure of revisiting Foroyar (the Faroese name for the Faroe Islands) and talking to its fishermen, industry representatives, and scientists. I found there a lively discussion as to whether the fishing effort across its EEZ should be reduced.

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    Fishery research vessels for NOAA


    Considered among the world's most technologically advanced fisheries research vessels, these sister ships will join the 'Oscar Dyson', first of the class, which was commissioned in May of 2005. According to Rear Admiral Samuel P. De Bow Jr., director of NOAA's Office of Marine and Aviation Operations, “With this new ...

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    Ready for a flu disaster?


    But, small ports just don’t have big city services. However, careful, common sense planning could mean smaller is better – local action by local people for speedy local reaction.Call the dentist!WHO’s 25 action ‘protocols’ are not ready, but officials have talked World Fishing through the drafts so that small ports, ...

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    Compass futures – are there choices?


    FOG for clarity?When Fibre-Optic Gyros (FOGs) were introduced in the mid 1990s, it was hoped that this technology, with no moving parts, would result in high accuracy, low prices and zero maintenance as well as more economical operation, rendering regular replacement of gyro spheres, required by conventional gyros, unnecessary.After a ...

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    Fishing for answers: the missing questions


    The state of fisheries, whether worldwide or in individual areas, has become a fashionable subject of both learned articles in scientific journals and separate publications.

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    NGOs – what are they up to?


    His comments followed steps taken by British supermarkets to take North Sea cod off the shelf in response to campaigns by Greenpeace and others claiming that the species was facing 'extinction'.The ferocity of Mr Deas' outburst may have surprised many in the fishing industry, not only in the UK, but ...

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    The mercury quagmire


    Whether to stop eating fish suspected of mercury contamination and forfeit the benefits of Omega-3, or ignore the mercury content and keep eating fish because the benefits outweigh the risks involved, is an ongoing, nagging argument.

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    US seafood industry shows growth


    Overall seafood consumption in 2004 was up 1.8% over the previous year (and up 9% since 2001) and stood at 7.5kg per person. This figure is made up as follows: Shrimp: 1.90kg Canned tuna: 1.50kg Salmon: 0.98kg Pollock: 0.58kg Catfish: 0.50kg Cod: 0.32kg Crab: 0.29kg Flatfish: 0.27kg Clams: 0.21kg Oysters: ...

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    The meaning of sustainability – Part 2


    While sustainability and sustainable development represent consensual values, their implementation is often subject to controversies. The U.N. system recognizes sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. To achieve it, a balance between environmental integrity, social development and economic development ...

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    Orders for British boats


    First for five yearsWhat is said to be the first new whitefish boat to be constructed for Shetland owners for five years has now been was delivered by the Whitby, Yorkshire yard of Parkol Marine Engineering Ltd.The 18.77m Copious represents an investment of over £1 million for the boat, licences ...

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    The meaning of sustainability - Part 1


    Environmentalists and fishermen rarely agree on anything. It’s a pity because conventional logic would say that, fundamentally, environmentalists and fishing people should stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a common cause for maintaining resources – sustainability – while blending that with their sensible usage. Unfortunately, all too often there is controversy between the ...

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    Beyond the limit in the Arctic


    There are two major issues regarding Svalbard and fishing. One is the problems with illegal fishing around the archipelago. The other is Norwegian jurisdiction in the same area. When the Norwegian Coast Guard arrests a Russian or Spanish trawler, accusing them for illegal fishing, both questions have to be dealt ...

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    FAO, tuna and fuzzy logic


    “Not all that can be measured is important and not all that is important can be measured” - Albert Einstein - I have on my desk a copy of “Management of tuna fishing capacity: conservation and socio-economics” (FAO Fisheries Proceedings 2 – 2005, 336 p). The book ...

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    The Lawless Oceans


    Pirate fishing is now big business, involving the collusion of countries offering flags of convenience and catches which drive down income for legal fishermen.

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    Licence application flood delays South African fishing season


    It all started with the decision of the South African Department of Environmental Affairs (SADEA) to issue long-term fishing rights for the first time, starting in 2006. Rights were to be issued for between 10 and 15 years and the overall value of the rights in terms of catch has ...

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    Who’s in Charge


    Time to ask where? What? and Why? - The FISHFOLK Internet discussion list* is a stage on which current and not so current issues are often thrashed out. The focus is usually very American, reflecting where most of its aficionados come from. Recently, however, Bill Bartlett, one of the list’s ...

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    Fishermen, stakeholders in the future of coral reefs


    Jamaican coralSubsistence and growth of coral depends on a number of requirements, temperature, irradiance, calcium carbonate saturation, turbidity, sedimentation, salinity, pH and nutrients. The level of these variables determines the processes of photosynthesis and calcification, and also the level of survival. In turn these requirements are affected by meteorological processes, ...

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    Globalisation and fish stocks


    The influence of globalisation of fisheries on the world''s fish stocks and their management

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    Swedish fish turn Norwegian


    The coast of Bohuslän County stretches from the Norwegian border to Sweden's second largest city, Göteborg (Gothenburg). Both the region and the city have been built on the herring with proud traditions and a 'herring culture' which was also adopted by the Russians. Today the Bohuslän coastline is still the ...

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    US controls & too many boats jeopardise Tsunami aid impact


    According to Pieter Tesch, a Red Cross report just published says that lack of coordination between aid agencies has meant far more new boats than those which fished pre-tsunami. This may cause serious overfishing. Further, Indian exporters have attacked new US duties on shrimp saying the economic impact could be ...