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    How to attain decent working conditions?


    Globalisation of fisheries is characterised by fishermen fishing not only in their own national waters, but also on the high seas and in the waters of other countries, and by an unprecedented growth in the number of fishermen from developing countries on board fishing vessels of industrialised countries.

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    “Tho’ nature, red in tooth and claw….”


    This was long before we saw on TV killer whales ripping apart seals, sharks savaging tuna, or grizzlies gorging on bloody salmon. As Tennyson and Charles Darwin spelt out, we, and the animal kingdom kill to survive, and survival of the fittest reaches out from our daily food tragically into ...

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    Tuna market trends 2006/2007


    EuropeYellowfin catches have been disappointing around the Eastern Indian and Western Pacific fishing grounds over the past year. Prices of yellowfin went up substantially in the course of 2006. Skipjack prices weakened in the course of 2006 to US$885 per tonne, however in the opening months of 2007, lower landings ...

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    Pirates, poachers or global crime syndicates?


    Impacts of IUU fishing: economic lossesFirst the bad news, from the 3rd Update and Stakeholder Consultation on illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing (IUU) organised in London by the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Stakeholders conspicuous by their absence were fishermen, with not one attending. The agenda and meeting was dominated ...

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    When David’s die and Goliath’s rejoice


    Fishermen’s lives go cheap in more than one way. Apart from engaging in one of the most hazardous occupations worldwide, they are frequently outside the reach of the occupational safety and health services available to other working people. They must navigate, often in shaky vessels, under hazardous weather conditions, and ...

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    EU seafood sector report


    The report shows that the total seafood supply of the EU-27 countries in 2005 was 7.1 million tonnes, of which 5.8 million tonnes were derived from capture.The largest fishing nation is Denmark, representing 16% of total capture of the EU-27, followed by Spain (15%), the UK (12%) and France (11%).Seafood ...

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    Fishermen’s knowledge


    Nobody would deny that experienced professional fishermen, especially the old salt among them, possess a wealth of knowledge on fish and sea, and on what’s going on between the two, accumulating for generations.

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    P/F Vinnan orders new purse seiner/trawler


    Simulation of P/F Vinnan's new vesselThe new Vik-Sandvik designed fishing vessel has the following main dimensions: Length: 81.6m Length between p.p.: 71.8m Breadth: 16.6m Depth to 1. deck: 10m Depth to 2. deck: 7.2m Frame spacing: 0.6mThe accommodation is for 16 persons and delivery is due in August 2009.

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    New fishery surveillance vessel for the Danish Government


    Co-financed by the European Union, the vessel will be equipped with the most advanced high-sea rescue and spillage prevention technology.The ship, measuring 68 metres in length and with a beam of 11, will be provided with a total power of 3600Kw by its two 1800Kw electric engines, allowing it to ...

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    Hoe your sea furrow


    The best ‘farming’ approach means avoiding underfishing as much as overfishing. This means management by fishermen based on real time catch data and morbidity, not the scientists’ data alone, the latter often flawed in its collection (see the herring report in Part I, World Fishing May 2007) and perhaps years ...

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    The Northwesterly fury


    “…Yet this sea, this beautiful sea, is not to be trifled with. If It gets angry and suddenly and unexpectedly begins to foam, the waves whipped up by the tramountana rise up, break out into the open sea and crash furiously down onto the rocks, which wince and howl with ...

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    Europe’s leading annual fisheries event


    The UK event is attended by thousands of visitors from over 35 countries, all with the aim of seeing the industry’s latest products and innovations.According to the organisers, visiting Fishing 2007 is a time and cost-efficient way to do business. With all the key international commercial fishing suppliers under one ...

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    Herring blow the gaff on cod


    Silent vessel “G.O. Sars” – not so silent after all / TW-EEC photosSince the RAC’s seminar in Edinburgh on cod recovery, World Fishing has received important information from scientists in Norway.One such scientist was honest (and scientific) enough to tell a public debate at Nor-Fishing in 2004 that stock data ...

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    Edinburgh – what next?


    The well attended Edinburgh Cod Recovery Symposium received very good initial publicity. It bore a great promise of finding a golden road to the recovery of the ailing cod stocks in the NE Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

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    USA seafood sector report


    Main findingsThe USA is the sixth largest producer of seafood in the world where the majority is derived from capture. The supply has been relatively stable since 1990.Alaska pollock is the single largest caught species representing 25-30% of total catch, but the shellfish species are the most valuable.Fresh and frozen ...

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    World’s largest seafood event


    Organised in two distinct areas within the same exhibition centre, this combination approach places each sector under its own spotlight and gives buyers easy access to the products and services they are looking for.SPESeafood Processing Europe offers the best coverage in equipment and materials for the seafood processing industry. Boasting ...

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    NAFF growing bigger and better


    NAFF logoThe fair will be held in the largest hall in Tórshavn, and indeed the Faroes, enabling all exhibitors to be under the same 5,000m2 roof. According to the organisers, the new venue offers much better conditions, as the event is now held in halls instead of tents.During the North ...

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    Comments for MSC


    Recently the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) asked for public comment on the main criteria of its environmental standards for sustainable fishing. This was a good thing to do and I sincerely hope that many people responded. No doubt, the MSC is feeling the need for increasing the general understanding of ...

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    Agreement to purchase trawler with quota


    The price of the trawler, including the fishing rights with delivery obligations to Finnmark, is NOK 44 million.Assuming that the structuring opportunities continue, the plan is to allocate the quota to one of Finnmark Havfiske's existing trawlers in 2007.The purchase is an important part of Aker Seafoods' plan regarding securing ...

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    Delivery of “War Raog IV”


    "War Raog IV"The vessel will sail under the French flag and Concarneau (CC899971) in France is the port of registry.The overall length of the vessel is 17m, the breadth moulded 6.5m and the depth to main deck is 3.1m. The gross register tonnage is 66.86 UMS.The fuel oil capacity is ...