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    Summary of the hearing of Maria Damanaki – Maritime Affairs and Fisheries


    "The ongoing Common Fisheries Policy reform is vital and will, of course, be a central focus of my work," said Ms Damanaki in her introductory remarks, stressing the keywords "sustainability", "democratic responsibility for all partners of the sector", "global dimension" and "compliance". "I will be proud to contribute to blue ...

  • Packaging plays a vital part in the eventual purchase. Credit: Sealed Air Corporation

    Making customers want to choose seafood in supermarkets


    Packaging plays a vital part in the eventual purchase. Credit: Sealed Air CorporationBut what makes a person take that vital first step of picking up the package in the first place? It must catch the eye of the customer and make him or her want to investigate further. And there ...

  • Moroccan fish histamine scientist Fayssal el Filali (2nd from top left) treats inspectors to the day's catch - cooked before your eyes in Agadir's ancient Souk. Credit: TW:EEC Photos

    An inspector calls


    Moroccan fish histamine scientist Fayssal el Filali (2nd from top left) treats inspectors to the day's catch - cooked before your eyes in Agadir's ancient Souk. Credit: TW:EEC PhotosPeter O’Neill finds the inspectors may be more friend than foe for fishermen and processors. The thought of an unannounced visit by ...

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    Computers in fisheries research: friend or foe?


    To err is human; to really foul things up needs a computer…

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    Letter to the Editor


    Dear Sir, I am writing in response to the article on page 12 of the September issue (to read the article click here) concerning the jack mackerel fishery in the South East Pacific. The article is long on purple prose and very short on fact. As well as negotiating ...

  • Credit: Roger Kidd/Wikimedia

    CFP consultation reignites the debate on quota ownership


    Credit: Roger Kidd/WikimediaThe consultation saw an increasing number of calls for the UK Government to take back control of national quotas and to distribute these to the industry on a geographical or regional basis. Such a course of action would be consistent with the official Governmental position that quotas are ...

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    Protecting fisheries in the pacific - part 2


    A Clark's anemonefish, taken in Borneo, Malaysia. Credit: Wikimedia/Jens PetersenAn estimated 120 million people depend on fisheries for their economic and food security on the vast marine resources in the Coral Triangle which covers a 5.7 million square kilometre expanse of ocean.Coral Triangle countries Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the ...

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    “And you are crestfallen, no hope you can raise, Seawater will creep in your veins, But waves of the ocean forever will praise Your glory, your death and your pains.” (After an old Russian naval song – G. Zaytsev, transl)

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    The most professional and international WFE


    WFE 2009 was the most professional and international yetThe World Fishing Exhibition (WFE) and Aqua Farming International (AQA) Exhibition were held from the 16-19 September 2009 in Vigo, Spain. At the final press conference, Mr Paz-Andrade, surrounded by the Executive Committee and the Regional Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana, ...

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    Protecting fisheries in the pacific – part 1


    The international Coral Triangle Initiative has been launched. Credit: Wikimedia/Nick HobgoodThe six country regional cooperation programme will combine technical expertise and funding from multilateral development agencies, NGO’s and donor governments to develop sustainable coastal and marine resources management in the 'Coral Triangle' region of the Pacific. The programme is planned ...

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    Saving habitats from inertia


    The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently published a report entitled: "Our Living Oceans: Habitat" (online version available at

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    WFE Conference Agenda


    14-15 September 2009Fourth Worldwide Tuna ConferenceVenue: ANFACO-CECOPESCA headquartersOrganiser: ANFACO-CECOPESCA15 September 2009World Summit on Fisheries SustainabilityVenue: Parador de BaionaOrganiser: Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs16 September 2009Fifth Fisheries Ministers ConferenceVenue: Parador de BaionaOrganiser: Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs17 September 2009APROMAR Sectorial ConferenceVenue: IFEVIOrganiser: APROMAR18 ...

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    WFE Foreword 2


    It is also a unique networking opportunity with representatives of the world's main regulatory and policy organisations available to discuss the issues that will affect businesses in the future. And all visitors to Vigo should try to find a little leisure time to enjoy some of the best seafood and ...

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    WFE Foreword


    It has been quite a challenge organising the event this time around from a promotional and administrative point of view in the light of the present socio/economical situation. However, conscious of the need for companies to be able to attend events of this magnitude in order to keep trading, we ...

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    Port of Vigo update


    The Port Authority of Vigo says that this increase in volume shows how attractive the markets of the Port are to international companies selling their products.However, the Port Authority warns that although the global numbers are positive, when speaking about the fishing commercialised at the Port, the difficult financial situation ...

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    Time to clean out


    Fisherman and chef proud for customers to see this Adriatic rainbow offering at the end of a good cold chain. Credit: TW:EEC photosEvery so often it may be worth taking a deeper look at how your operation runs and how it is protected from risk. The old adage of ‘wash ...

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    A new El Niño looming – but how strong?


    Worrying news - US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists have now confirmed that their satellite data indicates development in the central Pacific Ocean of a new El Niño of not yet known strength and duration, reports Menakhem Ben-Yami. New technology enables forecasting El Niño months in advance, although ...

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    EU Green Paper part 2


    Last month, this column dealt with only a few of the subjects brought up by the EU’s 2009 Green Paper (GP). Here are some more:

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    Tuna meeting failed to freeze fleet capacity


    Positive results include steps to accelerate the alignment of the regulation of these fisheries throughout the world on those standards which constitute current best practice. However, the Commission said that it regrets the fact that the representatives of contracting parties to the five tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs) concerned ...

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    Micronauts and the ‘science of appliance’


    High-speed, exploding ultrasound bubble scenario from Dr Andy Cobley, Head of Materials at the Coventry University Sonochemistry Centre. ©TW : EEC PhotosMaking sound wavesAmong those laying out their wares at the 2009 Summer Science Exhibition in London were ultrasound specialists Dr Andy Cobley and Dr Larysa Paniwnyk from the Sonochemistry ...