Morgère Trawl Doors is one of the world’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of steel trawl doors and associated trawl equipment, including clumps, Cyclops, shoes and scallop dredges.

Established in 1902, Morgère designs and manufactures a wide range of trawl doors and associated equipment suitable for demersal, semi-pelagic and pelagic fishing. Trawl doors in the range include the Exocet trawl door and the Osprey trawl door. The Exocet, which is successfully used by demersal; fishermen around the world, has a lower angle of attack compared with a standard door while maintaining the same spread, which results in reduced drag that benefits fuel efficiency. Exocet is powerful, easy to operate and versatile.
The ‘Osprey’ semi-pelagic trawl door system fishes on and just off the seabed and delivers excellent results for fishermen.
The key to the success of Morgère has been the intensive and sophisticated research work behind the design and development of their trawl doors. This includes the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research focusing on the hydro-dynamics of the new trawl door design so as to optimise the performance.
Morgere also manufactures the Clump for pair trawling. The Clump achieves the key aims of keeping the twin-rig trawls close to the seabed whilst at the same time keeping drag to the minimum.
As specialists in steel fabrication, Morgère also manufactures clumps, trawl door shoes and scallop dredges, and operates two boat repair and maintenance facilities at St Brieuc and Perros-Guirec in Brittany
Excellent customer service is the number one priority of Morgère, with engineers always available to provide advice and technical assistance to fishermen.

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