Vessels & Shipyards – Page 9

  • Chartwell’s Catchwell catamaran design

    Chartwell targets small fishing market with new Catchwell catamaran design


    Chartwell Marine has announced the launch of the Catchwell, a brand-new vessel design for the small-scale private and commercial fishing sector. The catamaran design responds to extensive feedback from fishermen, alongside operational lessons learned from advanced maritime industries, such as the offshore wind sector.

  • ATF Lead trawler launched at Vyborg

    Vyborg Shipyard launches lead trawler in Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet series


    Vyborg Shipyard, part of Russian vessel construction group United Shipbuilding Corporation, has celebrated the launching of the lead vessel in a series of four new trawlers for Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet.

  • First launch at Parkol’s Middlesbrough yard

    Official launch for first newbuild from Parkol Marine’s Middlesbrough yard


    A new scalloper built for James Monaghan of Islay Crab Exports based on the Scottish Isle of Islay, enjoyed a traditional maritime naming ceremony where Atlantic Dawn was blessed by Father Michael Gobbett and named by James’ daughter Kayleigh.

  • Texel shrimper, first newbuild for TCD

    Texel shrimper, first newbuild for TCD


    A Herman Jansen design, shrimp beam trawler Bona Fide TX-65 has been built for Texel skipper Erik Kalf by TCD, the technical division of the Urk Fishermen’s Co-operative (VCU) and is the first full newbuild to be delivered by the company.

  • Piriou delivers Comata’s new longliner

    Piriou delivers Comata’s new longliner


    Piriou Group’s shipyard in Vietnam has delivered a new ice-class longliner Réunion-based operator Comata to fish for Patagonian toothfish in waters around French TAAF territories.

  • Nodosa delivers trawler/seiner Jannetje-Cornelis H-144

    Nodosa delivers seiner/trawler Jannetje-Cornelis H-144


    Osprey Group has taken delivery of a second seine-netter/twin-rigger from the Nodosa Shipyard in Spain. The 28.60 metre LOA Jannetje-Cornelis H-144 has a beam of 10 metres and operates under the UK flag

  • New marine research vessel for Belgium

    New marine research vessel for Belgium


    After more than thirty years of service, Belgian marine research vessel Belgica is to be replaced, and the Belgian Federal Government decided to build a new modern research vessel which is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2020 to support the marine research community for the next thirty ...

  • 'Baía Farta'

    Final testing for Damen research vessel


    Damen Shipyards Galati has completed a 74m fishery research vessel built to Silent-A/F/R Class notation standards for the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries.

  • 'Aranda’

    Renovated research vessel set for action


    Renovated marine research vessel ‘Aranda’ has been delivered to the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE ready for use following work carried out by Rauma Marine Constructions Oy at its shipyard in Rauma.

  • Longliner keels laid in St Petersburg

    Longliner keels laid in St Petersburg


    The Northern Shipyard, part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, has started construction of two processor longliners for the Karelian Fishing Fleet group.

  • Baatbygg builds for Austral Fisheries

    Baatbygg to build combination vessel for Austral Fisheries


    Australian operator Austral Fisheries has gone to Norway for the design and construction of a highly innovative new fishing vessel capable of alternating three different fishing methods.

  • Guiding Light champions green fishing practices

    Guiding Light champions green fishing practices


    New trawler Guiding Light became the latest symbol of industry optimism, as it sailed from the Parkol Marine Engineering shipyard in Whitby.

  • Rolls-Royce design for US pelagic catcher

    Rolls-Royce design for US pelagic catcher


    Rolls-Royce Marine has signed a landmark contract with US shipyard Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors for the development of a 100 metre state-of-the-art pelagic trawler for the Seattle-based Arctic Storm Management Group.

  • Gondan stern trawler

    Gondan to build Prestfjord trawler


    Gondan will build a 77m freezing stern trawler for Norwegian fishery and fish farm owner Prestfjord AS to operate in Arctic areas handling and processing cod and prawns.

  • Knud E. Hansen ocean factory trawler design

    New Knud E. Hansen ocean factory trawler design features more efficient hull


    A new ocean factory trawler design with hull improvements to the trim, draught and ballast has been released by Knud E. Hansen’s Faroe Islands design team.

  • Danish design, Irish build

    Danish design, Irish build


    Mooney Boats in Killybegs have delivered a new Vestværft-desiged multi-rig prawn (langoustine) trawler to Niall and Seamus Connolly’s Clogerhead-based Supreme Fishing Company, and the new Stella Nova is a sister vessel to the Patrick C which was delivered three years ago, reports Dave Moor

  • 'Cape Arkona'

    Brunvoll equipment for world’s first combined auto-line, potting and trawling vessel


    Brunvoll has signed a contract with Baatbygg to provide a propulsion, manoeuvring and control system for the world’s first combined trawling, auto-line and potting fishing vessel.

  • Morgère opens vessel repair facilities in Brittany

    Morgère opens vessel repair facilities in Brittany


    French trawl door manufacturer Morgère has expanded its service portfolio for the fishing fleet by opening two new repair and maintenance facilities at St Brieuc and Perros-Guirec in Brittany.

  • Páll Pálsson and Breki

    Breki and Páll Pálsson: big propeller, high-efficiency


    The latest additions to the revitalised Icelandic groundfish fleet, fresher trawlers Páll Pálsson and Breki, are expected to dock in Iceland as World Fishing goes to press, as their long delivery trip from China via Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suez and Gibraltar comes to an end.

  • Landia equipment

    New Faroe trawler with Landia pumps and mixers


    Landia has supplied chopper pumps and a mixer for a new, integrated Faroe Islands factory trawler.