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  • ‘Sigurbjorg’ from Siglufjordur in Iceland sails to its fishing grounds

    Jupiter t4 doors on mackerel


    Iceland-based trawl door design and manufacturing company, Polar Fishing Gear, has reported good results with its Jupiter t4 model of pelagic doors, especially on high speed fishing for mackerel and herring.

  • TS-II Turbo

    Introducing TS-II Turbo


    Samson, developer and manufacturer of high-performance synthetic rope, has introduced its new trawl warp line, TS-II Turbo.

  • The Smart Tuna Hook

    A smart solution to be part of


    The most recent research shows that the seabird deaths as a result of longline fishing has been severely underestimated, says Hans Jusseit, managing director of Oceansmart, a company providing smarter, environmentally safe solutions for the global fishing industry and environment.

  • L-R: Lars Peter Jensen, Strandby Net and Hjalmar Petersen, Vónin

    Vónin takes foothold in Denmark


    Fishing gear company Vónin has taken over three-quarters of Strandby Net, in a deal expected to expand and consolidate the company’s international position.

  • The Vónin nets have received good feedback

    Success for Vónin nets in Iceland


    The capelin season in the Icelandic zone has reached its end and Icelandic, Faroese and Norwegian vessels have been fishing for the past two months.

  • Thyborøn Trawldoor sales manager Jan Bundgaard shakes hands with Hampidjan group manager Jon Gudmann in September on signing the letter of intent. Standing from left: Allan Pedersen from Thyborøn Trawldoor and Haraldur Árnson of the Hampidjan Group

    Poly Ice trawl doors now made in Denmark


    Since the takeover of Hampidjan’s trawl door division, Poly Ice, in Iceland in October last year, the production of Poly Ice trawl doors is well underway at Thyborøn Skibssmedie Ltd in Denmark.

  • The new seal excluder device, ready to be tested in the flume tank

    AFMA projects on track to reduce bycatch


    The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has started a multi-year project to work with Commonwealth fishers to minimise the impact of fishing practices on protected and at-risk bycatch species.

  • Cyclone 33

    New vessel design from Cygnus


    Cygnus Workboats has designed a new multi-purpose under 10m that is ideal for potting, netting and jigging.

  • The Yamazaki weight

    Longline device wins 2011 Smart Gear Competition


    Japan’s Kazuhiro Yamazaki won the WWF 2011 International Smart Gear Competition with his Yamazaki Double-Weight Branchline.

  • The Yamazaki Double Weight Branchline sinks long line hooks beyond the range of seabirds such as albatrosses

    Smart Gear 2011 winners announced


    WWF has announced the grand prize winner and the two runners-up of the 2011 International Smart Gear competition.

  • These doors are giving excellent results onboard trawlers all over the world

    Morgère introduces new doors


    Morgère is introducing a new design of three foil trawl doors - the VO3 and PV3, which are bottom doors, and the SPF, a semi-pelagic door.

  • Jupiter. © Vónin

    New Vónin pelagic multi-trawl


    In June this year, Vónin delivered a new 2,048m pelagic trawl to M/V Jupiter FD42, for mackerel surface pair trawling.

  • The SELTRA-trawl has been designed to replace the rearmost end of the fishermen’s own trawl. Illustration: Niels Madsen, DTU Aqua

    Lobster trawl lets cod escape


    A new selective trawl is being used by fishermen catching Norway lobster in the Kattegat.

  • Alterations are made to a beam trawl before shooting it in the flume tank again

    Seafish using Flume Tank for trawl gear training


    The UK’s Seafish is committed to providing trawl gear technology training for UK fishermen, and, with assistance from European funding, the organisation runs trawl gear technology training courses at the Flume Tank in the North Sea Centre in Hirtshals, Denmark, which is operated by the Norwegian Institute SINTEF.

  • Sri Lanka fishing vessel

    Sri Lanka to receive $300m for longline fleet


    Sri Lanka has received the assistance of three nations to expand its tuna fishing industry, reports Chandani Jayatilleke.

  • Construction: coated lead core + poly-monofilament 16-braided

    Faster longline sinking


    Haesung Enterprise Co., Ltd says that longline caught fish can be worth more than fish caught by other methods, however, despite this advantage, the fishing gear style should vary depending on target and depth.

  • News

    More focus on fishery research?


    Scanmar looks at the need for more research in the fishing industry.

  • The Fish Selector automatically separates fish while still in the trawl

    Star-Oddi’s new Fish Selector


    Iceland’s Star-Oddi has developed the Fish Selector, which automatically separates fish while still in the trawl.

  • News

    By-catch mitigation with DDD®03 and DiD®01


    The DDD and the DiD have been designed by STM Products SrL to limit the interactions between marine mammals and fishing nets.

  • News

    Euronete acquires Le Drezen


    Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group and the Le Brun brothers have come to an agreement for the former to acquire the brother’s company – Group Le Drezen in Guilvinec, France.