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  • The SELTRA-trawl has been designed to replace the rearmost end of the fishermen’s own trawl. Illustration: Niels Madsen, DTU Aqua

    Lobster trawl lets cod escape


    A new selective trawl is being used by fishermen catching Norway lobster in the Kattegat.

  • Alterations are made to a beam trawl before shooting it in the flume tank again

    Seafish using Flume Tank for trawl gear training


    The UK’s Seafish is committed to providing trawl gear technology training for UK fishermen, and, with assistance from European funding, the organisation runs trawl gear technology training courses at the Flume Tank in the North Sea Centre in Hirtshals, Denmark, which is operated by the Norwegian Institute SINTEF.

  • Sri Lanka fishing vessel

    Sri Lanka to receive $300m for longline fleet


    Sri Lanka has received the assistance of three nations to expand its tuna fishing industry, reports Chandani Jayatilleke.

  • Construction: coated lead core + poly-monofilament 16-braided

    Faster longline sinking


    Haesung Enterprise Co., Ltd says that longline caught fish can be worth more than fish caught by other methods, however, despite this advantage, the fishing gear style should vary depending on target and depth.

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    More focus on fishery research?


    Scanmar looks at the need for more research in the fishing industry.

  • The Fish Selector automatically separates fish while still in the trawl

    Star-Oddi’s new Fish Selector


    Iceland’s Star-Oddi has developed the Fish Selector, which automatically separates fish while still in the trawl.

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    By-catch mitigation with DDD®03 and DiD®01


    The DDD and the DiD have been designed by STM Products SrL to limit the interactions between marine mammals and fishing nets.

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    Euronete acquires Le Drezen


    Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group and the Le Brun brothers have come to an agreement for the former to acquire the brother’s company – Group Le Drezen in Guilvinec, France.

  • Today’s E349 Cattleya - delivered in 2006

    MAN L27/38 for new Cattleya


    Esbjerg-based Danish owner Flemming Pedersen has ordered a replacement for his 2006-trawler, scheduled for delivery in 2012.

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    MAQ sonar’s story


    In the early 1970’s the fishing industry was first introduced to Omni directional fishing sonars, designed to detect and track large schools of herring.

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    Pair-trawling for monkfish


    Late last year Vónin supplied monkfish trawls to an undisclosed foreign fishing company.

  • Artist’s perspective of CIFT SPTS

    Eco-friendly alternative to bottom trawling for India


    The trawling industry in India tends to be shrimp-oriented, due to its economic importance and export value.

  • Illustration of Liegruppen’s new VS 6106 purse seiner/trawler

    Wärtsilä to design and equip new vessel for Liegruppen


    Wärtsilä has signed a contract with Liegruppen AS for the delivery of design and propulsion equipment for a new combined purse seiner/trawler.

  • Longliner Avro Chieftain in the southern ocean

    Longlining success


    Press coverage mentioning longlining does tend to focus on the negatives – mainly on the issue of bycatch. However, a couple of recent stories are showing longlining in a more positive light.

  • Notus’ Seinemaster

    Purse seine alignment from Notus


    Notus’ Seinemaster has been providing critical information on depth, sink rate and temperature for many years, and now major improvements in the system have been made to provide additional, critical information to purse seiners.

  • The Hercules doors on Vestmannaey

    Orders coming in for Polar Fishing Gear


    Polar Fishing Gear of Iceland has recently introduced its new ‘Hercules’ trawl doors - a low aspect version of it semi-pelagic ‘Mercury’ trawl doors suitable for bottom and ‘off the seabed’ fishing.

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    WASSP on display at Irish Skipper 2011


    Furuno UK will be displaying the innovative Wide Angle Sonar Seafloor Profiler (WASSP) at the upcoming Irish Skipper Expo 2011, March 4-5, Galway, Ireland.

  • The BS – 210 SB uses both a static and revolving brush

    New brushing system from Beitir


    The BS – 210 SB is the latest innovation from Beitir - a powered revolving brush designed to remove even the toughest residue left on the hooks by the packaging from artificial bait.

  • Plans showing the new net handling system and built-in net bin.

    Pelagic pair fitted out with new Triplex net bins


    Triplex AS has announced a contract with Larsnes Mek Verksted AS for the delivery of a newly-developed Triplex Net Handling System for a built-in net bin to the new vessels Eros and Kings Bay.

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    West Coast Seafood Processors Association – looking to the future


    The US west coast trawl groundfish industry – fishermen and processors – will experience a fundamental change in management in 2011. The change to catch shares or an individual quota system will likely create some temporary confusion but may lead to innovation and increased value-adding options for processors in subsequent ...