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    Track your fishing assets


    MDS-OrbBuoyTM is the new buoy recently launched by SeaStar.

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    Vessel monitoring system for improved security


    Triteq Ltd has designed a secure vessel monitoring system, which assists global asset management and monitoring of exclusive economic zones by tracking fishing fleets at sea.

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    Linear encoder scales fish measuring challenge


    When Terralogic Ltd, a provider of rugged computer solutions, wanted to source a linear encoder that could work in harsh outdoor conditions, the Cardiff-based company turned to the SHG-TT from Newall Measurement Systems.

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    Automated fish measurement


    The CatchMeter, developed by Scantrol, the University of Aberdeen, IMR and MATCON, is a computer vision system that can automatically recognise the species of a fish and register its length along with other extended information on colour and shape.

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    “Strømegg” new build takes full fish finding package


    Simrad has been chosen to supply the 62.6m “Strømegg”, a new build combined pelagic trawler/purse seiner currently in production at Karstensens Skibsværft, Denmark, with a complete electronic high performance fish finding package.

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    Transas teaches fishing


    The Transas Group claims to be a world-leading manufacturer of software and hardware systems for professional training and certification of sea specialists. The broad scope of Transas simulators enables training in different maritime specialties and allows training in both standard procedures and emergencies, developing professional skills and consolidating theoretical knowledge ...

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    RoxAnn GD – for better bottom discrimination


    Sonavision’s RoxAnn uses tried and tested seabed analysis techniques to produce colour-coded 2D and 3D charts in real-time. With this, a skipper can quickly and accurately identify what kind of ground is below him, for example, rock, gravel, sand, silt etc, and build up personal colour coded charts, indicating favourable ...

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    Data, data everywhere and not a byte to please


    The cost of Internet broadband access on land has dropped like a lead line, but seafarers are still being charged a fortune via satellite. Peter O’Neill looks at some ‘offers’ and also proposes some simple solutions to get your costs down.

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    New Headline & Catch Sensors


    The launch was recently announced by iXTrawl of its new Headline and Catch sensors.

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    MegaWide card to cover whole of UK


    Leading Electronic Chart Manufacturer C-Map has launched a new card featuring details to cover the whole of the UK, Ireland and the Northern French Coast.

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    Simrad main electronics supplier to Danish new build


    Simrad has been selected as supplier for the complete hydroacoustic instruments suite and all trawl monitoring systems for the NB399 “Cattleya”, a 62m combi fishing vessel that was scheduled for manufacture during summer 2006, by Karstensens Shipyard in Skagen Denmark.

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    E-Guardian Angel on your watch


    Should you drop down dead while driving a train on the London Underground, the ‘dead man’s handle’ will be released and bring the train to a halt. Cambridge University scientists have now come up with a much more sophisticated ‘visual’ system which could be a boon to helmsmen and mates ...

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    Marport launches global AIS data network


    Marport Wireless, a leading marine technology company, has announced a new global data network for the Automatic Identification System (AIS). - The new offering combines the power of the Internet with Marport’s recently announced xPoint™ AIS receivers. The new AIS data network will become operational on July 1 at www.aisdatanet.com

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    Marport's latest acoustic products set new standards for deep sea fisheries.


    Over the years fishermen have used many different techniques to find and harvest fish. However, acoustic technology is one of the most important forces driving the developments in the modern commercial fisheries. Acoustic technology is especially well suited for fish finding applications since sound travels farther and faster underwater than ...

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    Triteq tracking of fishing fleets


    Triteq Ltd has designed a secure vessel monitoring system, which assists global asset management and monitoring of exclusive economic zones (EEZ) by tracking fishing fleets at sea.

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    Iridum and McMurdo join forces for alerting system


    Iridium Satellite has signed a manufacturer agreement with the British marine electronics firm, McMurdo Ltd. to incorporate Iridium''s new, low-cost 9601 Short-Burst Data (SBD) Transceiver into a new man-overboard and automatic vessel reporting system.

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    New systems from Koden


    Koden Electronics’ 8-inch color LCD plotter sounder CVG-80 has been well received since its introduction in the summer of 2005.

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    Vingtor 60 years on


    Integrated communication solutions specialist Zenitel is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its well respected Vingtor integrated marine communications brand.

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    New fish finders and radars from Furuno


    Furuno’s just announced FCV-585 and FCV-620 digital, dual-frequency fish finders incorporate the latest in digital filtering for enhanced detail and accuracy.

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    Marport Developing New Broadband Acoustics Technology for Sonars and Echo Sounders


    Reykjavik, Iceland February 1, 2006 Marport, a leading deep sea technology company that designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of sensing, processing and communications products today announced that it is enhancing its research and development efforts in the areas of software defined radio transceivers, visualization software and broadband acoustics.