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    Icelandic seafood sector report


    The main factors determining the performance of Icelandic fisheries have been identified as: Price of seafood products Growth of major fish stocks Oil prices Development of wages and other costs Political involvement and possible changes in the fisheries management systemMain findingsExternal conditions are favourable for Icelandic seafood companies. Rising product ...

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    Greenpeace and fish trade liberalisation


    According to Greenpeace (GP), powers in the World Trade Organization (WT) are trying to significantly reduce and perhaps even eliminate tariffs on international fish trade. Their rationale is that further liberalisation of fish trade is both important and beneficial to developing countries. But GP disagrees.In a recently published paper “Trading ...

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    Securing fisheries for the future


    According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), over 50 per cent of the world’s fish stocks are fished to their biological limit and another 25 per cent are overfished or depleted. Whether or not these numbers are exact, the need to implement workable solutions that ...

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    Good advice from FAO fisheries chief


    How happy certain European and American members of the fisheries management establishment would be if they could apply uniform management laws and regulations to all fisheries under their respective jurisdictions.

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    DPI&F research vessel upgrade


    DPI&F senior fisheries biologist Neil Gribble said the vessel, which has been in service since 1984, has been fitted with a Kortz nozzle and a state-of-the-art propeller that would improve the vessel’s towing capabilities and fuel consumption.“The improvements to the research vessel include a redesigned back deck to allow space ...

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    Book review: Von Brandt’s Fish Catching Methods of the World


    Von Brandt’s Fish Catching Methods of the WorldThis is the fourth edition of a volume first published in 1964, that details catching methods both commercial and subsistence, from around the world and over many many centuries. The basic concepts of how a fish can be caught are discussed and amply ...

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    Book review: Images of Fishermen: the North Atlantic


    Highlighting some of the world's leading fishing people in stunning photography, this 388 page, A4 size hard back book is a unique and intimate view of the fisheries of the Faroes, Shetlands, Iceland, and Greenland.At last a book that presents, in compelling visual imagery, and language, the reality of these ...

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    International cooperation is key


    Helga Pedersen Photo: ScanpixShe began by acknowledging the importance of the fishing industry in Norway. A total of 95% of Norwegian seafood products are exported to 150 countries worldwide and the 2005 value of Norwegian seafood exports was €3.7 billion.Ms Pedersen went on to discuss the Norwegian management regime: “Norwegian ...

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    Tackling Asia-Pacific’s most pressing issues


    The growing capture of low value trash fish and the need for governments to work with coastal fishing communities to develop sustainable fisheries are among the major issues facing the fishing industry across the Asia-Pacific region according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).At the recently held Twenty-ninth ...

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    Enlightenment from Russia


    A wise man once said: people without history are people without future. I’ll paraphrase: science that ignores former studies and historical data cannot produce reliable predictions. This is also true for all those who attribute to fishing being the single or predominant cause for all trends and variations in fish ...

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    SINAVAL-EUROFISHING 2007 24-27 January Bilbao Exhibition Centre


    The centre for fishing and shipbuildingCompanies from 27 countries, including Germany, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, UK, Italy, Norway and Canada, have so far registered for SINAVAL-EUROFISHING. Almost all of the exhibition space has now been taken as the countdown for the event begins.The exhibition space will be taken up by ...

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    Supporting Asia’s fisheries development


    A market in Dhaka, BangladeshGreater awareness of marine fishery limitations has prompted governments to institute a change in approach, focusing on the rehabilitation of traditional fishing grounds and the development of sustainable fisheries industry. The major growth area for fisheries during the past decade has been in marine and freshwater ...

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    Listening to fisherman


    Among the many problems that hound fisheries management is one that could be solved – as long as there is a personal and political will.

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    South Georgia upgrade


    The “Pharos” as built in 1973 by Ferguson Shipbuilders for the Commissioners of Northern LighthousesByron Marine Ltd. has announced that it has purchased the lighthouse tender “Pharos” from the Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouses in Scotland and this will be operated under a long-term charter with the GSGSSI.The “Pharos” is ...

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    Three new pelagic vessels


    During the company’s 32 years of designing vessels, it has always had a strong focus on developments for the fishing vessel fleet – and says that the focus on this market will continue in the future. In a slow market for new pelagic vessels, five large pelagic vessels are now ...

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    Integrated bridge system for new Scottish fisheries patrol vessel


    The equipment, to be supplied by Northrop Grumman’s Sperry Marine business unit, will include a complete networked system that ties together all of the ship’s navigation sensors and steering controls into an integrated bridge system (IBS) running on electronic nautical charts.The new 2,181gt patrol vessel, based on the “Jura” which ...

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    How to co-manage a fishery


    Industrialised nations have developed fisheries management systems that directly and substantially affect the fishing industry’s operations and catches, and cause major socio-economic changes among people and communities associated with fisheries.

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    Rostein signs contract for world’s largest well boat with Blaalid AS


    The new vessel will have a service speed of 15 knots and will be fitted with a new generation of fish handling equipment. A few of the vessel features will be: movable bulkheads, pressure loading and unloading, ultra large capacity grading equipment, an integrated Tendos vacuum pump system, a laboratory, ...

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    NVC-Design and equipment for Faroese fishing vessel


    “All contracts are important, but this contract marks a new confirmation of our strong position in the pelagic market”, said General Manager, Monrad Hide at Rolls-Royce.The new design, type NVC-355, has been developed in close co-operation with the owner in the Faroe Islands.In addition to the NVC-Design, Rolls-Royce is to ...

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    A new form of diesel electric propulsion


    Described by Director Hallvard Slettevoll as a breakthrough in technology, the new system manages to combine the unique features of pure sinusoidal electric power, both towards the main switchboard, and to the electric motors and other electrical consumers, with minimum cost and space.Sinusoidal approchStadt has developed the idea of a ...