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    Is the aquaculture boom starting to fade?


    In 2006, the world consumed 110.4 million tonnes of fish, with 51.7 million tonnes of that originating from aquaculture.Production by traditional capture fisheries has reached a plateau, so to meet the projected demand for fish of an expanded world population, in 2030 aquaculture will need to produce an additional 28.8 ...

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    Crayfish and mixed grill with carp bycatch


    Happy, repeat client hunters using special safety mats before returning catch to Orellana reservoir - more than 120km2 fed by the Guadiana river Credit: TW:EEC PhotosFrom the air, Extremadura looked arid and brown, yet miles of shimmering lakes and reservoirs reflected back blue. Tourists may be few in this little ...

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    Our gentle fishing partners


    The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Authority (NOAA) has recently revised its 2006 estimates of dolphin abundance in the eastern tropical Pacific (ETP).

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    Japan's tuna fleet suspends fishing to conserve stocks


    According to Japan Tuna Fisheries Cooperative Association (Japan Tuna), Japan's largest association of deep sea tuna fishermen, 233 of its pelagic longline tuna boat operators will each suspend fishing operations for two to three month periods sometime from the start of August 2008 to the end of July 2010 in ...

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    SADC countries to tighten up on illegal fishing


    The Hon. Minister Dr Abraham Iyambo and his Mozambican counterpart, Hon. Minister Cadmiel MutembaThe countries - the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Mauritius and Madagascar - signed a Statement of Commitment to Stop Illegal Fishing at a July meeting of SADC Marine Fisheries Ministers ...

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    'Micronauts' to the rescue!


    Live Chinese mitten crabs waiting for customers at deluxe hotel fish restaurant in Zibo city, Shandong Province, China. Credit: TW:EEC PhotosToday, writes Peter O’Neill, we all rely on microbiologists and pathologists who stick their swabs into the nooks and crannies of cold storage warehouses and chill cabinets. These Micronauts travel ...

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    On fuel and fisheries...


    Some 40 million small-scale and artisanal fishermen that depend on outboard motors and small diesel engines are suffering from the spiralling rise in fuel prices.

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    Wisdom from Russia - now in English


    In January 2007, I reviewed here (see Enlightenment from Russia) a Russian book by L B Klyashtorin and A A Lyubushin, published in 2005 by the Moscow VNIRO (the All-Russian Scientific Institute for Fisheries and Oceanography).

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    Conservation vital for tuna


    Cheap tuna is a thing of the past, the conference was told. Stocks are declining in all oceans and tuna is becoming more expensive to catch. Rising fuel prices and environmental pressures are taking their toll; climate change with increased water temperatures and rising sea levels is having a serious ...

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    Closing the gap between fresh and frozen seafood


    Lars Nannerup, CEO of Aqualife Logistics"The shellfish industry worldwide is growing dramatically. The whole aquaculture industry is now the fastest growing industry in the world and shellfish in particular is undergoing great developments," says Mr Nannerup."For enzymatic reasons, shellfish will deteriorate quite quickly after it is dead. Our objective is ...

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    Omega Protein gains certification


    Friend of the Sea used the following guidelines to certify applicants for sustainability: Target stocks cannot be considered overexploited The applicant's fishing methods cannot impact the seabed There must be a generation of less than average (8%) discards"This is a great result for Friend of the Sea, which would have ...

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    IFFO CORP for fishmeal and fish oil


    The Code will enable fishmeal and fish oil producers to show that they are offering traceable, high quality marine products which are manufactured safely using fish from responsibly managed fisheries.CORP was announced at IFFO's recent members' meeting in Brussels and in mid-May the cross-industry Technical Advisory Committee, which will help ...

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    The Adriatic - where mountains meet sea


    From the 1960s to the 1980s this seafood paradise attracted tens of millions of summer tourists and now both Italian and the Eastern coasts are clawing back their clientele. Peter O’Neill finds governments talking more about serious collaboration on fish, trade and tourism, but there are some tricky whirlpools to ...

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    Do we change the fish in water?


    What could make 17 scientists from eight European countries, most of them associated with their national fisheries research institutes, team up to author a rather short article describing a situation that is well-known and has been written about before?

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    Nor-Fishing 2008 Preview


    “This year the Nor-Fishing Foundation is organising the 22nd international fishery trade show since 1960, and we are pleased to see that many of the previous years’ exhibitors are returning to this year’s exhibition. In fact, most of the exhibition area was fully booked in the early spring of this ...

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    Secret Albania


    The difficult relationship between fishermen and politicians and bureaucrats is well documented. At its heart has been the disagreement over the value and validity of the data on which so many political decisions have been based in the past.Were the politicians and bureaucrats such as himself listening to the Albanian ...

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    The answer is blowing in the wind


    According to U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Commandant, Adm. Thad Allen, the waters of the Bering Sea are "challenging for vessel operations and search and rescue missions". The stormy Bering Sea is notorious as a widow maker.

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    IUU – On the pirate trail


    Gunnar Album, Friends of the Earth Norway, Barents Sea Office, on the fish trail. TW : EEC PhotosAfter the third London conference on Illegal Unreported Unregulated (IUU) Fishing in 2007 there was a tough reaction against NGO allegations that certain fish markets were laundering illegal catch. Chris Leftwich, The Chief ...

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    World tuna - a look from FAO


    Tuna fisheries represent a heavily invested industry that operates highly mobile fleets of large expensive purse seiners and longliners.

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    The fishmonger, the coley and common sense


    "When you already know you are a good fishmonger - you don't need this!" Charlie Caisey MBE on certification. TW:EEC PhotosThe route from catch to plate can be fiendishly complex. However, at bottom, it should simply mean how can a fisherman or fishfarmer earn a decent living by husbanding ...