Catch the most profitable fish in less time using less fuel. We all know, with fishing, habitat is where it’s at.

Even if you’re fishing for mid-level schooling fish, the seafloor is the beginning of the food chain. With WASSP Multibeam, you’ll find fish and relevant habitat over a much wider area than traditional single-beam systems. Plus, detect where hard ground starts and finishes, so you can optimise your fishing operations. You’ll quickly find the WASSP F-Series is purpose-designed for all fishing operations and is ideal for: Inshore, coastal and offshore fishing

  • Trawling
  • Purse seining
  • Pot fishing
  • Shellfish dredging
  • Longlining
  • Fish farms

Now you can confidently explore new fishing grounds much faster and with greater accuracy. This is especially useful if regulations around fishing grounds change or environmental factors such as weather patterns, storms or current flows affect your usual fishing grounds. Three great Fishing models the F3 mid power high frequency, for fishing in shallower water about 350m and a fishing boat with 1 or 2 other sounders. The F3X high power high Frequency for mid level Fishing depths upto 525m and vessels with several other sounders and sonars. Finally F3XL high power low Frequency for deep water fishing upto 850m completing a full suite of acoustic tools.

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