Grupo Eurored, 45 years of commitment to sea professionals

Since its inception in 1976, Grupo Eurored has made a large investment to position itself as an example of innovation and tradition to promote the fishing and aquaculture industry…

Since its inception in 1976, Grupo Eurored has made a large investment to position itself as an example of innovation and tradition to promote the fishing and aquaculture industry, an effort that has allowed it to experience great growth over the years, including the incorporation of new divisions – aquaculture, inshore and longline fishing and a spare parts department for diesel engines– as well as the inauguration of a new headquarters.

The new facilities of Grupo Eurored are the most modern comprehensive Fishing and Aquaculture Production and Technology Center in Spain, which expands the production, supply and service capacity offered by the group. The main goal consist of developing all the fishing potential of the vessels, equipping them with the best materials as a synonym of guarantee and establishing Grupo Eurored as a benchmark for the fishing and aquaculture industry in Europe.

In this way, the company continues growing and adding projects to its extensive business history, which has more than 45 years of experience dedicated to the design and manufacture of fishing gear, specializing in trawling, purse seine, tuna boats, inshore, small gear and longline, as well as comprehensive aquaculture facilities and services. The group is committed to its global expansion, operating internationally in many fishing grounds and whose pillars are based on innovation, by having its own R&D&i department, quality, working with top-tier European suppliers such as Cotesi, Bridon, Morgère, Gunnebo and The Crosby Group, and providing solutions aimed at promoting sustainability in the industry.

With this commitment, the company offers a 360º comprehensive service that centralizes the operations of the entire fleet, which represents a great technological and economic weight of the fishing industry, closing the circle of services required in this field. 

Leaders in the fishing sector
Grupo Eurored provides a comprehensive and tailor-made service for the fishing fleet, manufacturing pelagic, semi-pelagic, bottom nets, outrigger nets, etc. In addition, we supply everything necessary for the fishing activity: MORGERE trawl doors, COTESI nets and ropes, BRIDON Steel wire ropes, naval hardware, chain and components by CROSBY, TRAWLEX & GUNNEBO, longline material (SIAT monofilament line) and all kinds of nets, ropes and components for the development of inshore fishing gear with our market leading brand ORCA Red.

We have a multidisciplinary team of professional netters accompanied by a technical department which provides customized solutions to guarantee the best quality and greater efficiency in terms of performance and adapting to the characteristics of each vessel. 

Comprehensive solutions for aquaculture
At Grupo Eurored we provide innovation, technology and equipment worldwide in the aquaculture industry. We are specialized in turnkey projects, providing technical advice and customer support in all its phases. In addition, the aquaculture división take care of the comprehensive supply of structures, anti-birds netting and mooring solutions for Fishfarming and Long Line production systems, always working with certified materials in order to meet the requirements of NS9415 and DNV certification. Likewise, all assembly and manufacturing procedures are also subject to our own control and quality systems to offer maximum safety.

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