Grupo Eurored is a group of companies with more than 45 years of experience dedicated to the design and production of hi-tech fishing gear as well as integral aquaculture facilities and services. We currently have two delegations, the headquarters in Redondela which has an 14,500 m² gear production and warehouse and the delegation in La Coruña with 3,000 m² of warehouse dedicated to inshore and longline fishing.

We make pelagic, semi-pelagic, bottom nets, tuna purse seine, trawl doors, etc. always at the forefront and developed hand in hand with our customers, in addition to supplying everything necessary for fishing activities: MORGERE trawl doors, COTESI nets, ropes, mooring, ORCA steel wire ropes, flotation, naval hardware CROSBY GROUP, GUNNEBO and TRAWLEX as official distributors, longline material, etc.

Our aquaculture division has integral supplies of structures and anchoring elements for the installation of aquaculture fish farming and Long line production systems, OFFSHORE facilities, tailored solutions for the preparation, repair and cleaning of nets, technical advice in all phases of the project, supply of aquaculture machinery, specialized cordage, lines, floatation, ropes and cables. We work with the best brands, including Oxyguard for the monitoring area.

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