ASANO’s Noteworthy Stainless Steel Blocks

Perfectly suits to the fishery and ocean industry.

ASANO is a leading manufacturer of innovative fishing gear and ship equipment.

Our products are now used and valued by customers in Japan as well as in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Spain and Australia.

Among those, our block line-up with wide variety deserve great attention, if you are in the fishing or marine industry.

Realizing that many blocks are used in extreme environments such as on ships and at harbors, many block products are manufactured from special stainless steel. This special stainless is highly resistant to seawater, and offers superior corrosion- and abrasion- resistant characteristics. This extends the product life which subsequently reduces costs.

1. Tough Hanging Roller Type Ⅱ (with Bearing) 
Tough Hanging Roller Type Ⅱ is a block with a high working load limit of 5 tons, which has a large space between the body and the sheave that is strong enough to withstand the pulling of a rope allowing small fittings connected to a rope to pass through the space smoothly during purse seine fishing. A unique asymmetric body design enables fittings to move upwards without getting caught between the body. 

In addition to the fact that the functionality of this product needs to be most effective when used at sea, we are also concerned about its design. The body is mirror-finished for a premium feel, and the shapes of individual parts have been carefully designed. 

View the Tough Hanging Roller Type II product video  

2. Heavyduty Block Type PB (with Bearing) 
As fishing vessels became larger, equipment that can withstand the increased power that the vessels produce became necessary. Heavyduty Block Type PB has been developed against a background of such a shift in vessel size while taking safety and reliability into consideration along with various improvements such as the addition of two sets of steel bearings, which produces rotational stability. 

A double arm for the top part and a rib structure in the center of the main body distributes the applied load. And also, new mechanism is applied for double sheave model.

Partition plate between the sheave can be fixed with pin to the arm. This improves the strength and stability.

3. And more…
Of course, we have more blocks with wide size variation.

For long line fishing, pot fishing and even for aquaculture, you must be able find what you have been looking for in our stainless steel block line-up.