ASANO METAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD., a stainless steel product manufacturer located in Sanjo, Niigata prefecture, Japan, that excels at planning and developing unique products, has a history spanning over 70 years.

We earnestly listen to feedback from users at work sites and apply their comments to manufacture stainless steel pulley blocks, fishing gear, and ship equipment that are complete in every detail. Our products, which are highly specialized and come in a wide range of variations, are used and valued on oceans off Japan as well as off countries around the world such as the U.S, Spain, Norway, Mexico, and Australia.

Since 2021, ASANO Global who is an international sales company of ASANO Metal Industry exports ASANO’s high-quality stainless steel products from Japan.

Featured Product:

Purse Ring Type O-ⅡA
Purse Ring Type O-ⅡA is equipped with two gates, which can be operated from two sides using tools such as a marine spike. It enables extremely simple connection and release operations with one metal fitting and contributes to improving work efficiency. The gate in the middle has a 65mm opening. It makes it easy to put in and take out the purse line. The alloyed steel roller features a hard surface for use with metallic wire ropes. Large diameter roller and shaft contribute to longer product life.

Special stainless steel, Roller: alloy steel, Roller shaft/spring/set screw: SUS304, Bush: copper alloy


• Safe and efficient release operation
The easy gate opening operation of the Purse Ring Type O-IIA brings safety and efficiency to work on board.
• Dual gate mechanism
Purse Ring Type O-ⅡA is equipped with two gates, one at the top and the other at the center, which employ the same mechanism as ASANO’s Auto Shackle. Each gate can be released from two directions, front and side.
• Where to use
The Purse Ring Type O-ⅡA can be used effectively at locations where linking and releasing are required as shown in the following figure. This Purse Ring reduce the number of metal fittings needed to connect a fishing net to the purse line. The incredible simplicity of the process helps make connecting and releasing more efficient.

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